Apr 1, 2014

#448 | a knock on the wall or head

You see here. I've just committed a very utterly dumb mistake. Which really cost me big time. I am thinking of pleading to the respective, if it is anyway possible. Priscilla, oh why. ăȘんでよ?! This is a matter of my future studies. But IF my pleading turns to humiliation in any other words, fail, I wish and hope my other applications will pass, in other words, success. Or worse comes to worst, I have to take the loan. Which is also helpful but it just means something, my grades are just a waste. It's not even required for the loan. Then what the hell. Oh I am really, really sad now. But I am resurfacing.

And by the way, I am really glad that one of my friends made it. Really really glad and happy for him. I just change my miserableness into another person's happiness which could be a little optimistic for myself. You see, I'm resurfacing!

Goodnight loves,
pray i get it tomorrow.

i seem pretty desperate am I?
I am. Well at least I'm pretty.


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