Apr 27, 2014



weighing on the pro's and con's and making decision

Apr 26, 2014

A new website

I bumped into a really cool website yesterday. Now I really could customize a website in every way possible. I've just switch things up again... The reason why I haven't been blogging in this platform is because I've been updating in other different blogging platform. I am not abandoning this mommy Blogger here, I've been using Blogger from the very start and I thought I should try out other platform as well.

So please, if you still are reading my blog, do check my new website!  See you guys there :) I'm really proud at this new one because it's very customize-able and it fits my design of a blog by far.

Apr 6, 2014

#450 | family barbecue

My kind of Saturday,

i went on a semi-social-network-fasting. Well sort of. I find myself spending a lot of time on social networks that I neglect real socializing with people around me. And so, for today, I think I spend a lesser amount of time on social network, which is a good thing ;) Woke up really late today, alongside with my sisters and mom... lol. Mom is as lazy as we are. Anywaysssss, so mom made us pancakes for a late breakfast. Today's pancakes: Potato pancakes! YUMS! We then head out for lunch. I think I have been consuming a large amount of meat instead of greens. Time to change menu (note to self).

You know, like in the movies, how your parents pass you the car keys? Like it's a signal, they know you can handle it. Well, that is what I thought at least, I don't know about you guys...but I feel really good when my mom or dad passes me the car key. I tend to be more confident. Still, I'm fresh on the road, better not fool around and keep my eyes wide open. Drove the whole day hashtagaccomplishment. But my parking still sucks. Mom is always asking my friends around if it's true that there is only one parking test. Because she mention that there was two types of parking test, 

  1. L parking (those you see in the shopping mall)
  2. side parking

Came home with a new rack to organize my messy table. It looks much more tidied. The first I did when I came home from groceries shopping was assembling the rack. You know, screwing and hammering stuffs and nailing. DIYS are awesome. Could do it whole day.

We spend the evening watching history programmes since it has been mom's favourite recently. Today was about Shirley Temple. In case you don't know, she involves in show biz at a very young age. She enrolled to a famous art school, where many agents scout for new talents. Her mom enrolled her at the age of 2. I didn't even know what I did when I was 2. And by the age of 5 or 6, she already acted in more than 20 movies. I didn't know who was Shirley Temple until today.

At night, had a family barbecue which we haven't had for such a  long time. The weather was great, chilly, cooling, a little windy. Just the right weather for barbecue. Had good quality conversations in between. And ended the night with Enchanted. You could use a little bit of fairy tales in life sometimes.


Apr 4, 2014

#449 | crazy bunch

I remembered playing Heads-Up with this bunch of people that day. Everyone gave all types of hand gestures and tried describing the word at the best way possible. (Y) All dressed up all formal for the award ceremony. Numerous candid shots taken courtesy of everyone taking turns behind the lens. There's nothing much to say, other than, I really had a great time with these bunch of people.


Apr 1, 2014

#448 | a knock on the wall or head

You see here. I've just committed a very utterly dumb mistake. Which really cost me big time. I am thinking of pleading to the respective, if it is anyway possible. Priscilla, oh why. ăȘんでよ?! This is a matter of my future studies. But IF my pleading turns to humiliation in any other words, fail, I wish and hope my other applications will pass, in other words, success. Or worse comes to worst, I have to take the loan. Which is also helpful but it just means something, my grades are just a waste. It's not even required for the loan. Then what the hell. Oh I am really, really sad now. But I am resurfacing.

And by the way, I am really glad that one of my friends made it. Really really glad and happy for him. I just change my miserableness into another person's happiness which could be a little optimistic for myself. You see, I'm resurfacing!

Goodnight loves,
pray i get it tomorrow.

i seem pretty desperate am I?
I am. Well at least I'm pretty.