Mar 1, 2014

#441 | Brunch at Mr & Mrs

Good evening,

you know it's bad to sit down in front of a laptop after a satisfying brunch because you'll get lazier and not to mention creating a bump at your stomache. but...I do it anyways. That's why I couldn't shed off the extra weight. I shall describe my afternoon slightly rebellious, due to some reasons which I will not point out here. Anyways, back to topic, our lil' Y is back in town! Hooray. We never had brunch together so today we finally manage to catch a brunch together! My mistake, we had lunch...

Didn't know Oasis Square was so pretty. Don't you feel like jumping in? Especially in this hot weather.

while waiting for our food. It was a long queue to get it. Nevertheless, worth it.

Best pancakes by far! Butterscotch pancakes. Yums.

Best friends who sacrifices, standing under the sun for a good picture.



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