Mar 24, 2014

#447 | red letter day

This gonna be epic. The day we all have been waiting for. SPM results day. The photo above is have a very nerve wrecking feeling to it because after the long hours of waiting since 10am in the morning, our class teacher finally arrive. My class teacher wasn't the first to arrive. Other class teacher came first. You could easily tell when a teacher arrive because most of the students will rush over, screaming "Cikguuuuuuuu!!!!!!". We weren't an exception. The photo above is my class teacher, Puan Normah who just arrived at 5 Adil's table. By that time, I bet everyone was hell anxious, monotonously screaming inside. My classmates all back off from the table, not wanting to take a front step further. And when a student next to Puan Normah held up a name list and starts to read our names. It was chaotic. When the names were call out, the others clap hands for them as we thought they will be receiving their slips first. But heck, false alarm. Turns out they have some unsettled business with the spbt...

This here is my friends asking how many people score straight A's this year. Teacher was flipping through the slips.... It's so hard not to look at it! And for this year, things were a little different. We were told beforehand that the straight A's scorer's will be called upstage to receive their slips from the Penolong Kanan. This also meant, IF you're slip is with you're class teacher, you are not one of the straight A's scorer. IF your name aren't anywhere to be found in that stack of slips, this could be getting straight A's! Holly eff, damn nerve wrecking please. Since most of my friends started with alphabet L, they looked at the slips when Puan Normah flip through. The alphabet skip from A to M. Which means, their slips aren't there! Which means, they'll maybe getting straight A's! Gracious potatoes, VERY NERVOUS PLEASE. The ones left behind was Yan Yan and myself. She's alphabet Y while I was P. We're just hoping and praying our names aren't in the stack of slips. When the alphabet passed P, good gracious, I WAS MAD HAPPY. Then it passed Y. WE WERE EXHILARATED. My godddddd, we just screamed out of joy. But then, all the happiness turned mild because we figured, not all of us would get straight A's. But it'll be 7A's and above.

And here I am, up on stage, haha, I knew I will get on stage earlier than Lcd so I asked him to take this photo for me. 8A's. Unbelievable. I am so grateful. Truly.

When everyone of us got on stage, we cheered. We clapped. Giving our best "wooo's" and "yeahhhh". I am very happy for each and everyone of my friends, they all got really good results which I am so proud of. My whole body and mind was in pure bliss. Extremely glad. This year we broke last year's record of straight A's in our school. Yeah 1996's! Although I'm not one of them, but it is something to be proud of for everyone.

Then came my sister... Esther Ong. She said she have been at the open hall when they announced our names but I didn't hear her calling because I was too attentive towards the stage to hear my name being called. She asked, "How many?". I showed her the slip. She looked at it. I said, "Eight. Moral B". She cried. You stupid little sister. Then I cried. Then we hug and cry more. Then I call mom, then I cried even more. Then mom cried as well. Then I called dad. Then dad said, "What are you saying talk properly, relax relax". I told him. He didn't cry. He congratulates, "That's my girl". I cry more. Then I stop crying. Ether still crying lol. We both stopped and she hug me one more time before heading home. One big crying family. Except for dad and Apple. 

Then when calmed down. My friends and I sat in a circle and tried to settle in. Let the mood and feelings set in. Actually it was most likely only myself calming down. Then I expressed how I felt towards my friends for scoring so well. Then I cried again. I was really emotional that moment. Fml.

Spend a day in KL that day. Just chilling out, enjoy great ambiance and conversations with great companions. 

You know what, by the end of the day, despite how many A's, if you are happy and satisfied with your results, it doesn't matters. You are satisfied, and that's enough.



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