Mar 20, 2014

#446 | in a few hours

In a few hours,

guess what I'm gonna figure out. At first I wanted my title to be either tomorrow or something else. Okay I'm talking crap. Oh no, wait, not talking crap. Literally typing crap. I don't even know what literally means.

Okay, please, I am not crazy or out of my mind haha. In fact, I am calm. Really. Just thought I should drop some thoughts here. So yeah, in a few hours, actually still many hours, the results will be out. SPM results. Awesome! SPM is one of the most important test for every form 5. Correction: it is THE most important test. But nevertheless, it doesn't really matters to some because there are also other important tests in Malaysia.

There is apparently no point of getting nervous. Even so, I would lie if I say I am not nervous. I did. But currently no. Couldn't guarantee when I reach school though. It's ironic how I have confidence in my friends that they will get flying colours but I don't. And vice versa, they think I could score flying colours but they themselves couldn't. 

For the next few hours, I shall not expect much. You know your own capabilities. You know your level. Nevertheless, it's inevitable if you don't expect. Of course you would hope for the best. Who wouldn't? I truly hope I could get a really good result because that would ease much more in selecting my further studies.

Once again, good luck to all 1996 batch :)


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