Mar 14, 2014

#444 | jump for Europe


it so happens that I receive a splendid news from a dear friend of mine who is afar just now and it reminds the wonderful times I had in Japan. How I miss the cold weather especially since now, Malaysia is hot in fire, it's impossible not to sweat in such weather unless you spend your whole day in an air-cond room or your sweat glands have problems. Not to mention, the city is reaching a critical level of air pollution due to the haze... Haze, please go away.

Anyways, back to topic, here is my stay with a good friend of mine in Japan. I was fortunate to spend a good two days with a Malaysian friend. Can I say that I was delighted when I finally can speak my mother tongue? It has been days of speaking Japanese and doing lots of hand gestures, when I finally meet my friend on my 8th day in Japan, I blurb out as much mandarin and also malay as possible haha. Then at that moment, it sort of feels weird to be talking in mandarin..... Oh boy.

Breakfast in Hita. I miss this bread, it tasted awfully good! 

Travelling with my Malaysian friend :)

We were at a rest station on our way to Nagasaki. Did I mention how I love their rest stations?

Oh starbucks!

Amber thought what a nice tree was it, and hence this is me posing with it.

After lunch, we came across a very European alike place. Huis Ten Bosch! Such a dreamy place. It feels so surreal, at a moment I thought we were in Europe. What a trip it must be if I get to go to Japan and Europe haha.

Insisted that we should sit outside of the boat instead of inside so we can see the view. Definitely worth it.

Autumn leaves still could be seen! Played around with the autumn leaves. We were too excited at everything we see.

Truly am grateful that her host parent invited me to join them to Huis Ten Bosch. It was very relaxing and also insanely cold for me. That was the very day I felt extremely cold until I couldn't feel my toes, so we hang around the heater, warming ourselves up and taking a nice cup of hot cocoa while taking in the atmosphere around us.

Fake berries plucking.

The night view was even mesmerizing! Huis Ten Bosch is famous for the illuminations at night. You have to hang around until night to see all this beautiful illuminations!

Blame myself for not having my camera charge, the photos I have is in very bad quality. Nevertheless, the best view is well placed in my brain. Sorry I had to share a bad photo with you guys.

And that night, after almost losing our legs to the coldness, we head in to our room. We own a room all to ourselves. Wah, best night ever. 

Like I said, best night ever because I had ramen for supper!

Also that night, I remember skyping with my good buddies back in Malaysia and even dad. I was adapting myself too well, up til a point my friends suspected if I was really a Japanese. Slept really late that night. What a nice experience.



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