Mar 2, 2014

#442 | Loly reunited

Good afternoon lovelies,

I am proudly saying I woke up at 11am today, to be precise 10.56am. I forgot when was the last time I woke up this late. Definitely felt great after a long snooze. Last night was one helluva night. LOLY finally reunited :) The feeling when the four of us are together definitely feels infinite.

Dinner at Ben's. Or should I say supper? Our eating time happens to be a meal late throughout the whole day. This also happened to our suppose-to-be brunch turned-into lunch.

The four of us also arrived there slightly late, surpassing dinner time. We had quite a hard time looking for available restaurants because most of it was either long queued or kitchen closed. It was also my virgin trip to Publika. Such a virgin. My eyes were practically scanning every where I look. So there goes my virgin trip to Publika. 

If I am extra virgin Publika, she is a virgin Publika. Because she went there twice. 

It's nice to play pretend and unleash the childish side of mine once in a while.

Throughout our supposed-to-be dinner, we chatter, we laugh hysterically over stupid jokes, and just catching up with everyone's current life. We arrived there extremely thirsty and was demanding sky juice every few minutes. Haha. Making impersonations of a sexy face with the help of a mirror next to us. Taking multiple photos of the four of us just to get a photo that most of us agree on. Silly. Couldn't help to be moderately loud when the four of us are together. Even ran like a bunch of five year olds in Publika, looking for the exit... We were almost locked up! Nah kidding. Even remind ourselves beforehand to remember where we parked, even so, we still got a little lost and had to seek help from a security who said left but pointed right with his hand. And we nodded in agreement dumbly. Unbelievable. What's more? Crazily race to our car because one of us started to sprint towards the car. When one runs, the others follow. I guess all of us were sort of mentally drunk that night. Best feeling ever. I also took cover for lil' Y when she paid for the parking ticket just in case someone may rob us. Precaution is better than cure you know.

Lil' Y will be the one driving the three of us home if one day we were to go clubbing or partying because the three of us will most likely be drunk while she's not. Why? Because she'll drink fruit juice. And every minute she'll remind us not to puke in her car. Let's wait til that day comes shall we?


Best night ever,


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