Feb 19, 2014

#436 | Drenched in rain water

I forgot when was the last time I was soaked wet with heavily pouring rain water. Today on my way back home, I ran through the horrendous rain. Is that a correct way to describe the rain? Horrendous? Okay, heavy rain. And so I ran across the heavy rain without noticing that there was actually a bridge to the opposite side. I guess my mind was most probably not thinking fast enough or wise enough. Even so, soaked by rain water I was, it sort of brought back something nostalgic which I couldn't clearly remember. I do remember I once played under the pouring rain with my friends because #yolo. I personally don't like getting wet by rain especially because it's acidic and does no good to my skin. Recalling heavy rains, when I was in the afternoon session during high school, the evenings often rains. So I always get soaked wet by the time I reach home. And later I'll quickly get off my wet uniform and storm into the bathroom because it's not good to get wet by rain, said by some old folks. Then later, I'll seat myself comfortably at the dining table and munch away as it was already dinner time when school finishes. And often we turn on the television with our favourite Hong Kong drama series which aired during the weekdays.

The only difference was, this time I am rushing through the rain after work ended, where as last time it'll be when school ended.

Funny how a rain brought back memories.

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