Feb 26, 2014

#439 | I love designing


i guess that sort of explains why I change my layout often. First, I get bored easily. Second, I love designing. A question that have been bothering most of the SPM graduates are most probably, "What will I study next?". Admit it I shall, it has been bothering me since ever. Gone through a really hard time thinking about what type of career I would like to pursue, also the courses that I want, the university I want to go to, money issues, scholarships etc. Too many question marks popping up. I love design, but does that makes me want to take graphic design? No. I did thought of taking it last time, but looking at the other graphic designers, they are really talented, I'll need to squeeze my brain for more creative ideas. Some people are born to do what they do. I would enjoy it though, because my current job is related as well. I get to use laptop as often as I do at home, exploring softwares that I never use before, discovering new editing tool, how I love to edit stuffs...

But will I survive? I don't know. That's why I've chosen...... *drum rolls effect*

Shh, goodnight


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