Feb 25, 2014

#438 | Why hello again

Good day,

out of anything whatsoever, I happen to be a little vain this evening and thought I might as well take a series of shots. I couldn't recall the last time I set the timer at my camera and let it shot all the way. I even forget where was my camera this evening! Hidden in my cupboard, luckily it didn't get dust on it though. My day have been great as work was easy, and enjoying good music on my way to work and on my way back with a great companion. Put on a family movie just a while ago. I love family movies, very touching family family kind of movie. Bit of laughter, bit of love and bit of heart warming. Also, how can't I forget how crazy we sisters are when it comes to our favourite artist, remembered to shut the curtains before we dance just to to not let the neighbourhood think we are some wild kids. Maybe we are?

Wishing everyone a great day ahead.



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