Feb 26, 2014

#439 | I love designing


i guess that sort of explains why I change my layout often. First, I get bored easily. Second, I love designing. A question that have been bothering most of the SPM graduates are most probably, "What will I study next?". Admit it I shall, it has been bothering me since ever. Gone through a really hard time thinking about what type of career I would like to pursue, also the courses that I want, the university I want to go to, money issues, scholarships etc. Too many question marks popping up. I love design, but does that makes me want to take graphic design? No. I did thought of taking it last time, but looking at the other graphic designers, they are really talented, I'll need to squeeze my brain for more creative ideas. Some people are born to do what they do. I would enjoy it though, because my current job is related as well. I get to use laptop as often as I do at home, exploring softwares that I never use before, discovering new editing tool, how I love to edit stuffs...

But will I survive? I don't know. That's why I've chosen...... *drum rolls effect*

Shh, goodnight


Feb 25, 2014

#438 | Why hello again

Good day,

out of anything whatsoever, I happen to be a little vain this evening and thought I might as well take a series of shots. I couldn't recall the last time I set the timer at my camera and let it shot all the way. I even forget where was my camera this evening! Hidden in my cupboard, luckily it didn't get dust on it though. My day have been great as work was easy, and enjoying good music on my way to work and on my way back with a great companion. Put on a family movie just a while ago. I love family movies, very touching family family kind of movie. Bit of laughter, bit of love and bit of heart warming. Also, how can't I forget how crazy we sisters are when it comes to our favourite artist, remembered to shut the curtains before we dance just to to not let the neighbourhood think we are some wild kids. Maybe we are?

Wishing everyone a great day ahead.



#437 | February

Why hello!

Here's an update on February. Been having a few good weeks so far and I thought I should jot it down at this space of mine. Valentines is in February, in case you don't know, so that explains the above photo with a heart-shaped balloon. I even receive an 'I love you' from this guy who I redeem my free juice from, because it was a belated birthday present, or in this case, juice. Best customer front line so far, should've learn more from that guy.

Spending most of my days at work with my bento set. And once in a while I make use of the facility that I get, buying IKEA ice-cream without any queue. Victoryyyyy. So every Saturday and Sunday I'll be working, and there'll forever always be a crowd buying ice-cream and curry puffs. The queue was madness. 

Just keep on queuing people.  I'll clap for you.

The abundance of Chinese New Year snacks at Voon Wei's!

Also everyday coming back with yummy dinner on the table. Mom's hearty meal.

A meet up with Linghes and Lcd the other day. The three of us created an awesome sun dance at the park the other day. I said we might as well perform this sun dance if we were ever to meet each other, just to confirm our identity haha.
This guy here took karaoke to the next level. We sang a great 3 hours by ourselves and came out with hoarse voices. A great great great buddy to scream my lungs out together. Best karaoke session by far

What I wore at Valentines. Spent Valentines with a bunch of good friends at the cinema which everyone said it was bad lol. So ended up wanting to watch another round of movie, but changed to supper. WHich also lead to midnight karaoke but cancel, so everyone went home. 

The best friend, Jo came to visit both Voon Wei and I at our work place. Lacking of one more person, and you know who!

Dad & I.
He always does this face and idk why.

Spending lots of time with family having supper after gym as well. I know, not a good thing to do. ANd hence, I can conclude something from my two weeks to the gym, my weight stayed the same. fml. I think I just increase more in flexibility because I join yoga classes mostly only. Been eating lots of local famous delicacies, like roti canai and nasi lemak. Conclusion, I am not lazy, I just love to eat *wink*

And today for the best day ever,

After weeks of joining only yoga classes, I finally bravely went back into dancing class. BEST DAY EVER! Because they taught the song that I wanted to learn the most!!! I thought they taught the whole song finish already and that today will be a different song, but once I went in, "Oh fuck, it's this song". I'm a lucky girl, on my last day at the gym I get to learn this song *sobs and cries of joy* BEST DAY EVER!( I just had to say it the second time in bold).

I've also been spending most of my free time brushing up on my ukulele. My fingers hurt, and some skin is peeling off, its a good sign. All this is gonna be so worth it. So since it's just a few more days til March, I'll be spending more of my time on my ukulele, polishing my dance!!!! (Argh screamssss!!) and also finally learning to drive. Yeah. Talking about finally. Long story.

Good night!!!
I'm still overwhelm by today's dance class.

Oh and today I've spend my whole afternoon singing to...korean songs. Eventhough out of tune, not pronouncing it properly, who cares, you're not listening. Nelson and Apple is :) and maybe perhaps my neighbours...?

Feb 19, 2014

#436 | Drenched in rain water

I forgot when was the last time I was soaked wet with heavily pouring rain water. Today on my way back home, I ran through the horrendous rain. Is that a correct way to describe the rain? Horrendous? Okay, heavy rain. And so I ran across the heavy rain without noticing that there was actually a bridge to the opposite side. I guess my mind was most probably not thinking fast enough or wise enough. Even so, soaked by rain water I was, it sort of brought back something nostalgic which I couldn't clearly remember. I do remember I once played under the pouring rain with my friends because #yolo. I personally don't like getting wet by rain especially because it's acidic and does no good to my skin. Recalling heavy rains, when I was in the afternoon session during high school, the evenings often rains. So I always get soaked wet by the time I reach home. And later I'll quickly get off my wet uniform and storm into the bathroom because it's not good to get wet by rain, said by some old folks. Then later, I'll seat myself comfortably at the dining table and munch away as it was already dinner time when school finishes. And often we turn on the television with our favourite Hong Kong drama series which aired during the weekdays.

The only difference was, this time I am rushing through the rain after work ended, where as last time it'll be when school ended.

Funny how a rain brought back memories.