Jan 23, 2014

just eighteen

The word 'seventeen' just got respelled into 'eighteen'.

This year I get to spend a very subtle birthday with the love ones situated just where I wanted it to be, home :) My family and I had a very pleasant dinner and just sitting around the table chatting the night away, bonding. I prepared a dish that I wanted to cook since ever, fritata! Didn't turned out as perfect but it was a great try. Shall try it once more next time. I thought I wouldn't be able to eat any birthday cakes today because days ago, dad fell sick and so did lil Apple. I myself didn't expect much, I just wanted a simple dinner with the closest one and just take time to bond with each other.

But out came the birthday cake with very cute candles on it, and there goes the lights and out came the melody.... Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Priscilla....happy birthday to you. Couldn't ask for a better 18th birthday :)

Also like to thank everyone for the great birthday wishes and songs that have been sung or typed ;) All the sheng re kuai le, selamat hari jadi, happy birthdays and tanjobi omedetou... Appreciate it a lot, really.

Really appreciate those who waited until 12 o'clock midnight to wish me happy birthday although I wasn't born at 12am 23rd of January 1996, so I wasn't really 18 yet. Hahaha. But! Please know I appreciate the time you guys took to maybe stay up a little late to wish me or you guys are just night owls. Well I am haha. For those who wished earlier, I appreciate it as much too! You took the time to send a Happy Birthday to me, even for some, so tired, tomorrow need to work, also wished me.... Appreciate all the efforts people :) Those wish that came after I slept, I woke up to a very nice view :) Morning birthday wishes are definitely one of my favourites :)


And I even got a job on my birthday. Who even have that on their birthday? Awesome shit lol. So I will start working tomorrow. Happy working day to me, #pray.

Lots of love,


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