Jan 27, 2014

day 4: finally a purikura

Hello beautiful looking potatoes,

Yesterday was my third day at work, so far it has been going well. For one, the job is something I have interest on, diy's and customizing stuffs. As for today, I am having a day-off today to make a trip to the hair saloon. You know, chinese new year is this Friday! So new year, new hair? Haha just this year because it so happens that mom got me a coupon to do my hair.

Back to today's post, my trip to Japan day 4. Viewing through the photos makes me miss Japan!

My Japanese breakfast.
Gotta love miso soup. Waking up to another day at school.

First class, physics! Awesome!!

This sensei has been to Malaysia before, he greeted me with Selamat Berkenalan. Holy potatoes. So he knew quite a lot about Malaysia. This is him explaining more about Malaysia after I introduce myself. You could see my doodles on the chalk board and my chinese name as well. Haha I wanted to pointed out that Malaysia is a multiracial country and hence the three stick mans on the board. 

Today they're making Japanese paper!

Sensei demonstrating the procedure to make the paper.

Class photo!

Next class, Japanese. Most of them listened very attentively except this one guy that I notice just to my left. He slept in almost every class lol. And he have his girlfriend photo in his pencil box.

English class! This is the teacher that I talked to the most. He was the one bringing me around the school. We were having a small Q&A session during English class. A male student asked if I wore contacts lol. And so I asked the whole class back in return if anyone wore contacts, most of them were boys... Wow.

I also asked them if there is any food that is a must-try in Japan. So here is the teacher drawing the shiitake mushroom. I drew the nasi lemak, if you know which one is it because I drew it so badly lol. I don't think they even know what is it, even I won't know!

Goofing around with the class while the teacher was explaining to some other students at another corner, until he spotted me doing this and he said, so i guess Malaysians likes to take a lot of photos as well. Hahaha.

The teacher explaining more to them. I also drew the KLCC twin towers because they asked about Malaysia famous place.

A class photo after class ended.

After that was recess! The girl sat next to me in class though she didn't even talked to me, thought I took a photo with her. And the boy sat next to her place so I asked a photo as well, because his bento looks delicious!

Recess time! I think almost everyone brings their on bentos to school and they often share with one another. And they don't go to the canteen like we do, they'll eat in their classrooms. By the way these three guys are really funny.

 I was shock to see this. They even gather together like this in the hallways and eat together. Haha such a cute scene!

They also join tables and eat together!

I didn't get to eat lunch at school though :/ I went back home on foot that day and had lunch with okaashan.

Yesterday's curry lol. And some meat patties.

Poor Daigo was sick that day. He was absent from nursery. Stayed home and rest. Look at those cheeks. He's sleeping under the kontaku btw. After lunch and some japanese drama, I went to sleep as well.

That evening after, I made plans with some of my friends from school! I always wanted to try purikura in Japan. So I will meet them after school, which is 5pm! I waited for them at the train station.

while waiting for them. They were all so polite! They apologize for keeping me waiting but I didn't even waited that long for them to arrive. I was really excited when they show up, it's something like going out with your friends after school. well indeed it is.

Make your eyes pop and smoothen your skin. Purikura magic! My eyes is the smallest lol.

that's all for day 4!

see ya!

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