Jan 16, 2014

day 2: exploring Kusu

Kusu, Oita, Japan

I woke up the other morning at 7 o'clock, it was surprisingly early for me because usually I'll wake up around 9am or 10am. And I didn't even woke up unwillingly, I guess it's due to my urge and anticipation of a brand new day in Japan. 

My breakfast. There's a bowl of rice as well. At my first host house, I almost ate rice every morning for breakfast. Very unusual for me but it's quite essential because of winter, you store up energy to provide you some heat. But even so, it's not necessary, my host brothers and sisters ate bread for breakfast only.


Say ohaiyo to Ai-chan. She and I have a love and hate relationship. At times she bark at me like mad but at times she likes to cuddle with me. Ai-channnnn.

Say ohaiyo to strawberries! My host brother ate strawberries for breakfast. Awesome. The family really loves strawberries.

My host brothers and sisters went to school at 8 o'clock. And then later I'll accompany my host mother to send the little one to nursery.

Taking some photos at the nursery.

Since all of my host brothers and sister went to school, there's only my host mother, Ai-chan and myself at home. So I spend lots of time with my host mother. That morning, I went exploring the streets of Kusu after asking for permission. I thought of walking Ai-chan as well but Ai-chan refuses to -___- And so off I went!

Some random shop?

It definitely gives me a different vibe, walking in the streets. The surrounding is chilly, so put my hands in my pockets to keep myself warm, I am looking at new things and on top of that I feel completely safe. I could see the locals starting to open up their shops, people walking to school or walking to work. In Kusu, people mostly walks because the shops, restaurants, schools are very near. 

Bungo-Mori Station.

It's a very short distance from home so I thought I check it out. My host mother says there's a very famous and luxury train there called Seven Stars. 

There's a heater in the middle there so that people could keep warm.

I try to speak my best Japanese and request for a photo haha. It was only day two in Japan so my Japanese wasn't really good, it was mostly hand gestures and just pointing to my camera, "Cannn I take photooo?".

Soon, it was almost 1 o'clock and I went back home to have lunch with my host mother.

The pink box is my bento that was made by Miki-san, my host mother's sister. 

Introducing my host mother! Having lunch, itadakimasu!

After that, we went out to shop for some grocerries then she bought me to Bungo-Mori Station again to see the Seven Stars train. 

It was really cold that day to the extend that when you talk, you could see smoke coming out from your mouth. So this is me trying to capture it on camera. #failed

Also asked my host mother to try haha.

Finally the Seven Stars train came and you could see smoke coming out from my mouth! #success. The train was really pretty and luxurious looking.

Here's some photos from the web.

Around 5 o'clock in the evening, the sky starts to darken. The sun rises really early and so does it sets. By then my host brother and sister will be coming home. That night we went to the sushi restaurant next door to our shop.

That night I tried......nattou maki. It's fermented beans, and it's really something I wouldn't like to try anymore. I've heard of it before but I gave it a try anyways #selfchallenging. I don't find it smelly, it's the texture that made me no-no.

After dinner, I went to my first onsen!

It's a family onsen so it's a lot smaller.

My first encounter with onsen, well as most of you know, going to onsen means to be strip naked. And seeing naked bodies. I didn't feel awkward at all surprisingly! I just carefree-ly strip off and quickly went in, like a Japanese do. 

And every Japanese bathroom have a stool where you sit down and then cleans yourself before you go in to the ofuro (bath tub). In this case, you clean yourself, shampoo before you go in to the onsen.

After onsen, your body feels really warm and less likely to catch a cold. I even ate ice-cream at home after that because my body was really warm. And you'll have a really good sleep after onsen.

There goes day two.

Till then, see ya.

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