Jan 13, 2014



Woah how long have I been gone? I've miss this space of mine so much. I know it's the 13th of January now but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!

Since I'm in my 3 months holidays, I plan to blog my 3 weeks stay in Japan. Temporary, I have plenty of time... I wanted to get my driving license but something went wrong with the system that eventhough I passed my L, they couldn't give me my L pass.

So yeah.

Let's begin!


Departure day;

It was my very first time flying. "This is the day I'll be going to Japan!", I said monotonously. Never have I thought I'l be going to Japan at 17 years old, it is definitely not possible without this exchange programme. I am indeed very grateful.

I was lucky that I didn't have to spend 8 hours of flight alone. This is my group. 15 of us travelling to Fukuoka together.

Mom said she'll teared up, haha but she didn't. Can't thank my family enough. Here they are sending me off for the first time. It will be my first time leaving my family for such a long time.

And so, the 8 hours of journey begin!

My first airline: Silk Airline (THAI).
I was really glad I didn't travel alone because I faced some issues at the airport. Definitely a freshie. I didn't know where to go, what to do, where to wait, thank god I travel in a group.

My group leader! Super cute girl.
Taken in Suvarbhumi Airport, Bangkok during our transiting.

Breakfast on plane.

I was bloated on the plane, I was extremely full. I didn't know the airline will provide that much food. Mom and dad bought me quite a large amount of food for me to be eaten during my flight because they're afraid I'll get hungry but I end up the opposite of hungry.

Around 6am, I woke up from my sleep. I tried my best to sleep on the plane because I need all the energy I have for my first day in Japan.

 It was beautiful. I was very excited by then because in a few minutes more I'll be placing foot on the land of the rising sun!

Approximately 7.45am, touch down Fukuoka Airport! The second I got out of the plane, woahhh it was cold! It felt like 10 air-conditioners surrounding you. When I arrive, it was 6 degree Celsius. 

I'm sorry but this is a must-take photo.

Once we passed the immigration, we walked out. We were greatly welcomed by the Lions in Japan, accompanied by a great round of applause. Extremely shock. Then something caught my eye, someone was holding up a large card written with my full name in capital! Extremely bewildered and happy. Then I saw another woman who was holding a relatively large card with my full name with a Malaysian flag! Two persons? I am slightly confused that time but I was really excited. One of my highlights in my trip as well.

After that there was a welcoming ceremony. And after that we'll go home with our host parents.

Mr Akiho-shi, he was the one who was holding a large card with my name on it. Reminded me of grandpa. That's my very excited face haha.

My host parents! The Shimogoori family. Greeted me with tight hugs haha. My host mother was the one with the large card with my full name and the Malaysian flag.

Extremely appreciate their hardwork at preparing the welcoming card T.T

On my way to Kusu town! We stopped by a rest area on our way there. It was a 1 and a half hour to Kusu from the airport. 

Bought takoyaki at the rest station. Wohoo. Yums.

My first meal in Japan; Mos Burger.

A fast food chain restaurant. During the 1 and a half hour drive to Kusu, I took the opportunity to get to know my host parents more. My host mother is really funny :)

Even took a photo with the staffs at Mos Burger because I wanted to. Their service was by far the best I've ever seen.

Not long after, we reached Kusu town!

To be continue...

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