Jan 13, 2014

Adapting at home


Upon my arrival, there is a lot of things I have to adapt myself with. For example, the culture, their tradition, my family's rules, the weather... I don't find it hard to adapt because "adapt" is my middle name *wink*. Haha. Joking. I find myself very adaptable?

Here's my host brother. The youngest one. Just picked him up from his nursery.

Makes me feel like going back to nursery.

My rather shy host brother.

This is not my host parents' son. I mean the one you saw in this post. The one you saw is my second host family. Long story. Okay I'll make this quick, my first host family were busy and weren't able to pick me up from the airport and so, my second host family came to pick me up because they are close friends. Oh, maybe it wasn't a long story after all.

And introducing my room!

I went shock as well. Can't believe the first thing I saw was One Direction. A very cozy and nice room :)


First Japanese dinner: Oden.
(which I didn't take any photo of it)

There goes my first day. I slept around 8pm or 9pm due to fatigue. Maybe it's jet lag.
Woah experience jet lag for the first time too.

Til then, see ya.

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