Jan 27, 2014

day 4: finally a purikura

Hello beautiful looking potatoes,

Yesterday was my third day at work, so far it has been going well. For one, the job is something I have interest on, diy's and customizing stuffs. As for today, I am having a day-off today to make a trip to the hair saloon. You know, chinese new year is this Friday! So new year, new hair? Haha just this year because it so happens that mom got me a coupon to do my hair.

Back to today's post, my trip to Japan day 4. Viewing through the photos makes me miss Japan!

My Japanese breakfast.
Gotta love miso soup. Waking up to another day at school.

First class, physics! Awesome!!

This sensei has been to Malaysia before, he greeted me with Selamat Berkenalan. Holy potatoes. So he knew quite a lot about Malaysia. This is him explaining more about Malaysia after I introduce myself. You could see my doodles on the chalk board and my chinese name as well. Haha I wanted to pointed out that Malaysia is a multiracial country and hence the three stick mans on the board. 

Today they're making Japanese paper!

Sensei demonstrating the procedure to make the paper.

Class photo!

Next class, Japanese. Most of them listened very attentively except this one guy that I notice just to my left. He slept in almost every class lol. And he have his girlfriend photo in his pencil box.

English class! This is the teacher that I talked to the most. He was the one bringing me around the school. We were having a small Q&A session during English class. A male student asked if I wore contacts lol. And so I asked the whole class back in return if anyone wore contacts, most of them were boys... Wow.

I also asked them if there is any food that is a must-try in Japan. So here is the teacher drawing the shiitake mushroom. I drew the nasi lemak, if you know which one is it because I drew it so badly lol. I don't think they even know what is it, even I won't know!

Goofing around with the class while the teacher was explaining to some other students at another corner, until he spotted me doing this and he said, so i guess Malaysians likes to take a lot of photos as well. Hahaha.

The teacher explaining more to them. I also drew the KLCC twin towers because they asked about Malaysia famous place.

A class photo after class ended.

After that was recess! The girl sat next to me in class though she didn't even talked to me, thought I took a photo with her. And the boy sat next to her place so I asked a photo as well, because his bento looks delicious!

Recess time! I think almost everyone brings their on bentos to school and they often share with one another. And they don't go to the canteen like we do, they'll eat in their classrooms. By the way these three guys are really funny.

 I was shock to see this. They even gather together like this in the hallways and eat together. Haha such a cute scene!

They also join tables and eat together!

I didn't get to eat lunch at school though :/ I went back home on foot that day and had lunch with okaashan.

Yesterday's curry lol. And some meat patties.

Poor Daigo was sick that day. He was absent from nursery. Stayed home and rest. Look at those cheeks. He's sleeping under the kontaku btw. After lunch and some japanese drama, I went to sleep as well.

That evening after, I made plans with some of my friends from school! I always wanted to try purikura in Japan. So I will meet them after school, which is 5pm! I waited for them at the train station.

while waiting for them. They were all so polite! They apologize for keeping me waiting but I didn't even waited that long for them to arrive. I was really excited when they show up, it's something like going out with your friends after school. well indeed it is.

Make your eyes pop and smoothen your skin. Purikura magic! My eyes is the smallest lol.

that's all for day 4!

see ya!

Jan 23, 2014

just eighteen

The word 'seventeen' just got respelled into 'eighteen'.

This year I get to spend a very subtle birthday with the love ones situated just where I wanted it to be, home :) My family and I had a very pleasant dinner and just sitting around the table chatting the night away, bonding. I prepared a dish that I wanted to cook since ever, fritata! Didn't turned out as perfect but it was a great try. Shall try it once more next time. I thought I wouldn't be able to eat any birthday cakes today because days ago, dad fell sick and so did lil Apple. I myself didn't expect much, I just wanted a simple dinner with the closest one and just take time to bond with each other.

But out came the birthday cake with very cute candles on it, and there goes the lights and out came the melody.... Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Priscilla....happy birthday to you. Couldn't ask for a better 18th birthday :)

Also like to thank everyone for the great birthday wishes and songs that have been sung or typed ;) All the sheng re kuai le, selamat hari jadi, happy birthdays and tanjobi omedetou... Appreciate it a lot, really.

Really appreciate those who waited until 12 o'clock midnight to wish me happy birthday although I wasn't born at 12am 23rd of January 1996, so I wasn't really 18 yet. Hahaha. But! Please know I appreciate the time you guys took to maybe stay up a little late to wish me or you guys are just night owls. Well I am haha. For those who wished earlier, I appreciate it as much too! You took the time to send a Happy Birthday to me, even for some, so tired, tomorrow need to work, also wished me.... Appreciate all the efforts people :) Those wish that came after I slept, I woke up to a very nice view :) Morning birthday wishes are definitely one of my favourites :)


And I even got a job on my birthday. Who even have that on their birthday? Awesome shit lol. So I will start working tomorrow. Happy working day to me, #pray.

Lots of love,


Jan 22, 2014

day 3: going back to high school in Japan

        On my 3rd day in Japan, I am waking up early to school!!! It's exciting to go to school in another country, seeing different uniforms, classrooms... Awesome. Usually I'll wake up by myself every morning, but I guess the day before I slept a little late...and so that morning it was schooling day and yet I woke up late. My host mother's sister woke up me up haha,

"Pris-chan" *knock* *knock*

"Haiiiiii" *wakes up*

Okay! *laughs*

My host mother's sister is a funny woman. Her name is Miki and she's a great cook.

First class, English! Their teacher came from America. That day we were making Christmas cards.

Here is their gym. As I step out of class, the hallways are cold. We walk ran to the gym because the coldness at the hallways was unbearable and also because we were late. That was one of the coldest day as well. And in the gym, there wasn't a heater. The only heater they can depend on was their warming up exercise. It was freaking cold!

The students all wear slippers in school! Something you don't see in Malaysia. It's way cleaner definitely. They also have different slippers in the toilets. For the gym, you leave your slippers outside and change into your sports shoe. I didn't have any slippers, so I just remove my shoes outside of the gym and the gym teacher was kind enough to remove his slippers he wore in the gym for me. That was very sweet of him :) I didn't stay long in the gym because it was really cold, I was shivering from head to toe, I couldn't stay still because it was really really cold. A teacher then asked me if I would like to go to another class because it is very cold in the gym. So the next class I went to was Maths class.

Maths class. I just want you guys to notice something, look at the teacher's writing, so neat! Can't believe he wrote all that, and he didn't even use a ruler. Neatness (Y)

It was my first day there so there was a teacher always accompanying, but at times he wouldn't be there. The teachers take time to switch places. During maths class, the teacher accompanying me was real cute. He kept translating the lesson to me, I was given a copy of that day's lesson as well. His English wasn't really good neither do my Japanese, and whenever I ask him something, all of the students will turn around and then tease the sensei lol. I didn't understand what the students were saying but then the sensei ask them turn back to the front haha.

And the photo above is me introducing myself. Whenever I go to a new class, I'll either introduce myself before or after the class and also tell everyone a little bit regarding Malaysia.

School in Japan starts from 8am til 5pm in the evening. Usually I'll just attend a few classes that the school arrange for me and then I'll go home.

After school, my host mother came to pick me up from school. And we went to get some groceries for obasaan (grandmother) and also lunch. This food is call kaitenyaki! The filling is angko, it's sweet. Not chocolate, at first I thought it was a chocolate filling. For the white one, I don't know what is that.


This was the onsen place I went yesterday. Apparently, I left my bottle there and so my host mother called the onsen place to retrieve it the next day. So here we are.

while waiting for okaashan...

Groceries shopping. Miso miso miso miso beef carrot.

Acoop supermarket.

Done with groceries shopping! Time for lunch!

ひるごはんHirugohan (lunch). Kaitenyaki, okonomiyaki and rice.

For some reasons I was quite tired and so I fell into a deep sleep with Ai-chan at home under the kotatsu.

A kotatsu. And no, that is not me. I got it from the web because I didn't snap a photo of it.

Here's another photo from the web. So under the kotatsu is a heater. That's why people feel very warm under the kotatsu and they spend most of the time under. I love the kotatsu. Oh and replace the cat with Ai-chan. Sometimes Ai-chan's paws will get cold as well and she whines at me as a signal for me to open the kotatsu to let her go under and get warm haha.

Around 5pm, my host brother and sister came home. And that evening we went to a place something like a lucky draw sort of stuff. You basically spin the wheel and a ball will fall out and then base on the colour of the ball, you'll get coupons that represents money that you can exchange it for gifts next time.

I spun out a green ball while he spun out a blue ball. So I got more than him!
And introducing my host brother, Kazuki! My host sister, Moeka went too but she went off real fast after that because of her piano class.

After that, we went to pick up Daigo(my another host brother) from the nursery.

Ahh so cute. I want to go back to nursery.

Remember him? You've saw him in the first post. He's like a ojisaan to me, reminds me of ah gong back in Malaysia. He often pays me a visit at my host's home. This is him with his lorry that he said is the latest model, haha so I asked him to pose with his brand new lorry.

For dinner, we had curry. Never get to taste Japanese curry in Malaysia before so it was my first time tasting it. I also helped my host mother to cook.

And a salad for the side dish. Yumsssss! The curry wasn't spicy and it have lots of potatoes! Delicious!

There  goes day three.

Til then, see you.