Oct 23, 2014


After what felt like eternity, I finally knew the answer to my question. "Did my parcel arrived safely into Ryoichi and Akemi's hands?" YES IT DID. You didn't know how happy was I. This personalised notebook, that I made from scratch, was one of best gift I ever gave or made. Extremely satisfied with the final look. All hand written, doodle, alongside with photos for a clearer picture of the days we spent together. Both Ryoichi and Akemi are my japanese host parents who took care of me like their own daughter for the entire week, extremely grateful towards them... :) どうも ありがとう。

So here's an overly enthusiastic face of mine.

Sep 21, 2014



I'm currently having my semester 1 break, and you know what that means! Reunions! :D My whole two weeks of break has been quite fruitful. First week was mostly reserved for the family and my ownself. Sleep deficit. Enjoyment deficit (mostly just surfing the net and watching movies). And in between still, reunion with my high school mates.

So here's the thing about reunions, there are these few frequently asked questions between my friends and I.

Besides the "How are you?",

1. What course are you taking?
Sometimes even meeting once or twice, I get this question or my friends do, vice versa. Some may take A-levels, STPM, foundation, MUFY and etc.

2. How long is your holiday?
This is a question I ask a lot haha. For this time, three of my friends asked more often.

I know my post seems redundant but that's just all, heh.

This bunch of crazy women, #winliao. crazy as usual.

Sep 10, 2014

Semester 1

Happy holidays!

Just finished my sem 1 test last week. Right after the test, I'm having my sem 1 holiday! Wohoo! It's definitely a treat to have a two week break right after the finals. Since the change of system from term-based to semester-base, every test is important as it holds a very high percentage. Meaning, 4 more tests to go. But for right now, it's time to have break for myself. Though I might as well, update this space.
Semester 1 by far, has been great! Lots of achievements unlock. For 1, I manage to take up sports as a hobby. At some days, I will wake up early in the morning for a jog. Yes, I am surprised myself as well. I used to be a couch potato. I guess being away from home made me more discipline in a way.

Recently took up squash with the help of a friend. Awesome!
Since I entered university, I took up two new sports. One, swimming. Two, squash. *pats myself on the back* Good job. Even so............., I've gained weight already T.T Due to my excessive food intake recently. Oh shoot -.-

I was lucky enough to have a great bunch of housemates and roommates. Cheers! :D Our housemates consists of both East and West Peninsular yo! #completelah

Jul 13, 2014

Officially Missing You

Officially missing you explains the content that I'm about to share. Yes, after 2 months of being away from home, and after video calling all the way back home. It hit me, I miss home terribly. I miss my family terribly. Almost I couldn't finish the video call because I know my tears will fall any second. And I was right, by the time I ended the video call with mom, and I look around my housemates, I started crying. Oh man... I didn't know how homesick felt like. Because this has been the longest time I've ever left home.

Everything feels surreal, leaving home, studying far away, pursuing a higher level of studies. I'm hitting adulthood soon? Lol, maybe not so soon. Not with my bunch of childish, crazy, hyper housemates haha :) 

I guess, the second longest time I left home was my trip to Japan. I did felt a bit homesick when I was celebrating new year over there. But I guess, this time I really felt homesick. Man, I sound really homesick don't I?

Okay okay okay, this whole post gonna have this sad vibe. But yeah, I am fine here. Most of the time I'll be busy with assignment and relaxing in the evening or exercising. Just that, it somehow happen that yesterday I felt very homely. I saw how  little Apple is growing up so fast, and Essie who admitted that she misses me *hearts flutter*. Haha, being the eldest have its time :) Having two sisters missing me hehe. 

Ending this post with a silly photo. The feet belongs to my housemate.
And who's catching FIFA's World Cup Finals later?!

I'm supporting Argentina all the way!


Jul 7, 2014

Adapting well

Hello people, I'm back! I've been busy with assignments and studying for my mid-sem  test lately, and hence the lack of blogging. But part of it is just lame reasons, it's mostly because I've lost my blogging mojo :/ I was viewing through my list of favourite bloggers, and I missed how much I love blogging, or at least for now, used to... 

Yay to a nice three days of slacking. Mid-sem is over on Friday, and I've been taking full use of my time to relax. I should be completing my stack of assignments by just now, but here I am...blogging. I thought I might as well update this space of mine while the passion resurface once in a blue moon!

By far, BEST DINNER EVER here. Because it gives the taste of home in a way. It's not oily, it's less salty...just nice. I think we bought a tad too much of food for our steamboat. But it was really satisfying! I would say the most decent food by far, because for one, we cooked and prepared it ourselves, and two, we ate it in the hostel. Feels so homely... :)

Me in the lecture hall. My friend have this thing of snapping me in lecture halls, making sure I don't fall asleep. And ever so often I get 'jentik' at the head for dozing off, that hit definitely made me awake -.- The lecturers that we get is so far relatively good, some are really dedicated. But having lecture classes in the afternoon is one tough thing, you have to resist the chances of falling asleep.

and recently celebrated a friend's birthday at the only cafe here. Students often spend their time here, munching off brownies, home-made ice-creams and waffles... 

During the whole week of mid-sem, constantly went to the library and the study area for last minute studies. Why wouldn't this bad habit change even when I'm in university?

It has been close to 2 months now that I've been here. And in 2 weeks time, I'll be going back home! How I missed home :( Nevertheless, everything has been great. Hands full with assignments, closing to our first sem test in a month's time wth. July batch just came in. I am gaining more weight -.- due to the excessive food consumed recently. But at least there are outputs, ever so often I would go for a swim or a jog around campus. At least my interest towards sports heightens here as it is really convenient for myself. Even so, all these late night suppers that I have been taking...ain't helping at all fml.

PS: Finally caught a FIFA World Cup match last night! And coincidentally, yesterday was my favourite team, Argentina! Wohoo! Beautifully executed. Hoping for a better match in the semi-finals!

Til then, good night and goodbye for now.

May 31, 2014

AIMST Hostel and Accomodation

Good afternoon,

It's the weekends again and that means, the internet line is relatively less bad ass and so, I will be able to blog today. As promised I will be posting stuffs about AIMST, so today I'll be showing my hostel. There's a few options of rooms to choose from;

  • 4 beds per room
  • 3 beds per room
  • 2 beds per room
  • 2 beds per room with air-conditioner
I took the cheapest one - 4 beds per room. The price changes from time to time so it's better you call AIMST to ask about the hostel & accomodation price. When you are a hosteler, for my year, the hostel is RM550 per month, it is inclusive of 3 meals per day in the cafeteria + 5kg of laundry per week. They used to include transport as well but I am not sure if it's transport from outside of campus into campus, but anyhow it is not included now. 

This is my bed. You could bring your guitar if you want to! I was really glad that I brought my ukulele with me. It could definitely be your accompany during weekends or free time. Here I get to play my ukulele while my housemates sing hehe. You could bring your guitar or even piano(keyboard) here! Yes there are really people who brought their keyboard piano. Of course you couldn't bring the upright piano la, because there wouldn't be a place for it.

My study table.

*You might want to bring a marker pen as well because there's a mini whiteboard at the study table (the white one that you see)

In every room, a study table will be provided as well as a locked cabinet. For the bed, mattresses is provided only. You will have to bring your own bed sheets, blanket, and pillows. Bring your bolster too if you like to hug it! And for my study table, the table light is not provided as well as the extension. I would suggest you to get an extension with 4 to 3 sockets, very useful. Table light is not necessary unless you really want your study table to be really bright and in case you still want to study late night when your room mates are asleep. I would say the room is bright enough for me.

Plus, there's an internet cable in each room. But there is only one, see if you are lucky enough if the internet cable is built-in at your corner. For me, I had to go to room mate's study table to surf the net, like what I am doing now while I'm typing this post. I am not sure if the internet cable is provided because it's already here when I came. There is no wifi at the hostels, just internet cables.

 **Update 2016: There is wifi in the room.

On the left - 4 bathrooms (2 with heaters, 2 without)
On the right - 4 toilets

Here's the toilet and bathroom. There's four basins and mirrors. There isn't any mirrors in the room, only in the toilet. For laundry services, it does not include your undergarments. For that, you should get a pail, detergent and a brush. And there is a place for you to hang dry your clothes. Bring a lot of hangers.

Here's the living room. Yeap, the sofa's is in bad shape, we complained already. Hopefully we'll be able to change it by this week. There's a 2-seated sofa and a 3-seated one. A table in the middle. For the fridge, not every hostels have it. Mine have. See your luck! Plus, do bring water kettles to boil water and perhaps those that can cook noodles as well. By right, you are not allowed to cook in the hostels but heck, everyone here have their stocks of instant noodles hiding in their cabinets haha. You could bring a mini rice cooker too!

I am feeling super lucky to be living in my hostel block because my relationship with my housemates and room mates are in good terms. I heard that some of my friends don't even talk to their room mates or housemates. Everyone in my hostel talks to each other and helps each other, even offer each other food to share. And also, my hostel have a fridge! Damn lucky. Most of my classmates hostel don't have a fridge. My hostel also have a water filter that was bought by one of our senior housemate. #grateful At first I thought "woah, AIMST hostel is not bad! Have water filter and fridge too", but turns out the presence of fridge was by luck and the water filter is from a very nice senior! Truly blessed.

Feel free to ask me any questions either through my email or comment below, I'll try to answer it if I can.

Til then, bye!

May 25, 2014

Life at AIMST

hi guys,

HELLO! As you can see, I've finally started university! Of all the uncertainty and frustrations I had for the past few weeks have finally been unravel. I started uni last Tuesday, May 20th. Actually I was late for university. Class had already started and so does orientation. The minute I receive the call from AIMST on May 19th morning, I started packing my bags to leave tomorrow. Seriously. I am still amazed at how fast I packed.

The environment here is great and all. Lots of greenery if I may say. For those who don't know, AIMST is located in Kedah. Jauh di negeri jelapang padi yo... And hence, it is far away from KL hectic urban lifestyle. Kedah is way more subtle. Heck, even some movies are not screening in Sg.Petani's shopping center (not that I've been there, I've heard from people around). I want to watch Maleficient so badly T.T

I would say university and high school is definitely different. From the surroundings, classes, lecturers, friends... My life here has been great, apart from the lack of entertainment here. Oh well, you just have to get use to that. And I would like to help other people out there who are curious of AIMST since I myself was really curious. Especially about the accommodation. Because I find most of the information through the internet so hopefully I could clear some of your questions.

But heck, it's only my 5th day here in AIMST.

Anyways, I do hope I have more time to fill in this space like how I used to.

Til then, bye! Time for dinner! 

Apr 27, 2014



weighing on the pro's and con's and making decision

Apr 26, 2014

A new website

I bumped into a really cool website yesterday. Now I really could customize a website in every way possible. I've just switch things up again... The reason why I haven't been blogging in this platform is because I've been updating in other different blogging platform. I am not abandoning this mommy Blogger here, I've been using Blogger from the very start and I thought I should try out other platform as well.

So please, if you still are reading my blog, do check my new website!  See you guys there :) I'm really proud at this new one because it's very customize-able and it fits my design of a blog by far.

Apr 6, 2014

#450 | family barbecue

My kind of Saturday,

i went on a semi-social-network-fasting. Well sort of. I find myself spending a lot of time on social networks that I neglect real socializing with people around me. And so, for today, I think I spend a lesser amount of time on social network, which is a good thing ;) Woke up really late today, alongside with my sisters and mom... lol. Mom is as lazy as we are. Anywaysssss, so mom made us pancakes for a late breakfast. Today's pancakes: Potato pancakes! YUMS! We then head out for lunch. I think I have been consuming a large amount of meat instead of greens. Time to change menu (note to self).

You know, like in the movies, how your parents pass you the car keys? Like it's a signal, they know you can handle it. Well, that is what I thought at least, I don't know about you guys...but I feel really good when my mom or dad passes me the car key. I tend to be more confident. Still, I'm fresh on the road, better not fool around and keep my eyes wide open. Drove the whole day hashtagaccomplishment. But my parking still sucks. Mom is always asking my friends around if it's true that there is only one parking test. Because she mention that there was two types of parking test, 

  1. L parking (those you see in the shopping mall)
  2. side parking

Came home with a new rack to organize my messy table. It looks much more tidied. The first I did when I came home from groceries shopping was assembling the rack. You know, screwing and hammering stuffs and nailing. DIYS are awesome. Could do it whole day.

We spend the evening watching history programmes since it has been mom's favourite recently. Today was about Shirley Temple. In case you don't know, she involves in show biz at a very young age. She enrolled to a famous art school, where many agents scout for new talents. Her mom enrolled her at the age of 2. I didn't even know what I did when I was 2. And by the age of 5 or 6, she already acted in more than 20 movies. I didn't know who was Shirley Temple until today.

At night, had a family barbecue which we haven't had for such a  long time. The weather was great, chilly, cooling, a little windy. Just the right weather for barbecue. Had good quality conversations in between. And ended the night with Enchanted. You could use a little bit of fairy tales in life sometimes.


Apr 4, 2014

#449 | crazy bunch

I remembered playing Heads-Up with this bunch of people that day. Everyone gave all types of hand gestures and tried describing the word at the best way possible. (Y) All dressed up all formal for the award ceremony. Numerous candid shots taken courtesy of everyone taking turns behind the lens. There's nothing much to say, other than, I really had a great time with these bunch of people.


Apr 1, 2014

#448 | a knock on the wall or head

You see here. I've just committed a very utterly dumb mistake. Which really cost me big time. I am thinking of pleading to the respective, if it is anyway possible. Priscilla, oh why. なんでよ?! This is a matter of my future studies. But IF my pleading turns to humiliation in any other words, fail, I wish and hope my other applications will pass, in other words, success. Or worse comes to worst, I have to take the loan. Which is also helpful but it just means something, my grades are just a waste. It's not even required for the loan. Then what the hell. Oh I am really, really sad now. But I am resurfacing.

And by the way, I am really glad that one of my friends made it. Really really glad and happy for him. I just change my miserableness into another person's happiness which could be a little optimistic for myself. You see, I'm resurfacing!

Goodnight loves,
pray i get it tomorrow.

i seem pretty desperate am I?
I am. Well at least I'm pretty.


Mar 24, 2014

#447 | red letter day

This gonna be epic. The day we all have been waiting for. SPM results day. The photo above is have a very nerve wrecking feeling to it because after the long hours of waiting since 10am in the morning, our class teacher finally arrive. My class teacher wasn't the first to arrive. Other class teacher came first. You could easily tell when a teacher arrive because most of the students will rush over, screaming "Cikguuuuuuuu!!!!!!". We weren't an exception. The photo above is my class teacher, Puan Normah who just arrived at 5 Adil's table. By that time, I bet everyone was hell anxious, monotonously screaming inside. My classmates all back off from the table, not wanting to take a front step further. And when a student next to Puan Normah held up a name list and starts to read our names. It was chaotic. When the names were call out, the others clap hands for them as we thought they will be receiving their slips first. But heck, false alarm. Turns out they have some unsettled business with the spbt...

This here is my friends asking how many people score straight A's this year. Teacher was flipping through the slips.... It's so hard not to look at it! And for this year, things were a little different. We were told beforehand that the straight A's scorer's will be called upstage to receive their slips from the Penolong Kanan. This also meant, IF you're slip is with you're class teacher, you are not one of the straight A's scorer. IF your name aren't anywhere to be found in that stack of slips, this means....you could be getting straight A's! Holly eff, damn nerve wrecking please. Since most of my friends started with alphabet L, they looked at the slips when Puan Normah flip through. The alphabet skip from A to M. Which means, their slips aren't there! Which means, they'll maybe getting straight A's! Gracious potatoes, VERY NERVOUS PLEASE. The ones left behind was Yan Yan and myself. She's alphabet Y while I was P. We're just hoping and praying our names aren't in the stack of slips. When the alphabet passed P, good gracious, I WAS MAD HAPPY. Then it passed Y. WE WERE EXHILARATED. My godddddd, we just screamed out of joy. But then, all the happiness turned mild because we figured, not all of us would get straight A's. But it'll be 7A's and above.

And here I am, up on stage, haha, I knew I will get on stage earlier than Lcd so I asked him to take this photo for me. 8A's. Unbelievable. I am so grateful. Truly.

When everyone of us got on stage, we cheered. We clapped. Giving our best "wooo's" and "yeahhhh". I am very happy for each and everyone of my friends, they all got really good results which I am so proud of. My whole body and mind was in pure bliss. Extremely glad. This year we broke last year's record of straight A's in our school. Yeah 1996's! Although I'm not one of them, but it is something to be proud of for everyone.

Then came my sister... Esther Ong. She said she have been at the open hall when they announced our names but I didn't hear her calling because I was too attentive towards the stage to hear my name being called. She asked, "How many?". I showed her the slip. She looked at it. I said, "Eight. Moral B". She cried. You stupid little sister. Then I cried. Then we hug and cry more. Then I call mom, then I cried even more. Then mom cried as well. Then I called dad. Then dad said, "What are you saying talk properly, relax relax". I told him. He didn't cry. He congratulates, "That's my girl". I cry more. Then I stop crying. Ether still crying lol. We both stopped and she hug me one more time before heading home. One big crying family. Except for dad and Apple. 

Then when calmed down. My friends and I sat in a circle and tried to settle in. Let the mood and feelings set in. Actually it was most likely only myself calming down. Then I expressed how I felt towards my friends for scoring so well. Then I cried again. I was really emotional that moment. Fml.

Spend a day in KL that day. Just chilling out, enjoy great ambiance and conversations with great companions. 

You know what, by the end of the day, despite how many A's, if you are happy and satisfied with your results, it doesn't matters. You are satisfied, and that's enough.



Mar 20, 2014

#446 | in a few hours

In a few hours,

guess what I'm gonna figure out. At first I wanted my title to be either tomorrow or something else. Okay I'm talking crap. Oh no, wait, not talking crap. Literally typing crap. I don't even know what literally means.

Okay, please, I am not crazy or out of my mind haha. In fact, I am calm. Really. Just thought I should drop some thoughts here. So yeah, in a few hours, actually still many hours, the results will be out. SPM results. Awesome! SPM is one of the most important test for every form 5. Correction: it is THE most important test. But nevertheless, it doesn't really matters to some because there are also other important tests in Malaysia.

There is apparently no point of getting nervous. Even so, I would lie if I say I am not nervous. I did. But currently no. Couldn't guarantee when I reach school though. It's ironic how I have confidence in my friends that they will get flying colours but I don't. And vice versa, they think I could score flying colours but they themselves couldn't. 

For the next few hours, I shall not expect much. You know your own capabilities. You know your level. Nevertheless, it's inevitable if you don't expect. Of course you would hope for the best. Who wouldn't? I truly hope I could get a really good result because that would ease much more in selecting my further studies.

Once again, good luck to all 1996 batch :)


Mar 18, 2014

#445 | wrapping up Japan


since we are approaching the end of the month, therefore I shall sum up my Japan trip. It was hands down the best experience ever. It's funny how kids go ever so crazy over onigiri's. They scream or roll on the floor until they get it lol. Joking, hyperbole. Had a the best host dog I could ever have (it's the only one I have). Meeting people of different nationality, speaking their language, experiencing snow, eating Japanese food throughout my 3 weeks of stay... definitely awesome. Really hope I could return the favour to everyone who made my trip so memorable. 日本だいすき!