Dec 5, 2013

Past and Present

Thought I dig up some old photos that I kept and post it, just to commemorate!

Yan Yan and I! We'll always be night and day :P
It's a joke that she created, that meant I am always darker than her, thus night and day lol.

Manage to find one photo of Linghes last time! I think his voice change a lot. and perhaps talking speed as well haha.

Voon Wei and I! In case you don't know, the one on the left is the past, the right is the present lol. I don't think the both of us change much? Both of our hair change lorh! Haha

Tify and I! She cut her hair and I grew my hair. Now our hair are about the same length! Lol idk what we were doing dressing up with our school shirt and a tie. Maybe trying to be CSI lol.

Ern and I! We somehow got fairer? Or is it lighting issues? I guess it's the light haha. Well one thing's for sure, we both got chubbier. Let's go jogging kawan!

Lcd~~~! Changed so much my friend! I think he did a hair job lolol. WHen I know him, he has the least confidence ever. He still do, but I guess he should know he's taken a big leap out of his comfort zone. So be proud! All the best my friend! :)

And here are some older photos I got over the years!

That time rubix was a hit. Everyone was playing and competing each other. These two always races to see who completes first. Most of us have our own rubix then we will bring it to school and versus each other at school!

The trip to Batu Caves for our folio project! Didn't know how young were they last time... haha. The three used to be very white and innocent, less polluted lol. How bout now? :P

I remember requesting this photo to take with ah Cheng. The super cool friend. This go way back to form 1. All innocent faces haha.

In conclusion:

Naive innocent faces ------> Mature faces ?

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