Dec 1, 2013

High School

Good morning,
It has been two days since the last day of high school. I have been so keen to post about this but bad luck pris, my laptop went nuts. 

27th of November 2013, marks the last day of SPM which was the day we were all looking forward to since we could get back, what I call freedom. But it was also the last day of high shool. Meaning, we won't be meeting our friends and classmates in school as often as we used to. We won't wear our school uniform again.

When it was 3.30pm, Biology Paper 3, my last exam paper, we were so eager to get up and just scream to express the freedom we just grasp on. In Bilik 3, my exam room, we could hear the next classes already screaming but our invigilator have yet to collect our papers. We could just wait and hoping out little inner scream will resist another few seconds. Once the invigilator said, "Okay, you may leave now". That my friend is sound of freedom :)

This was the first photo I took when SPM was over. With my good friend, Lingheswaran :) I can't thank him enough for everything.

We accompany each other on our way back home, often meet up to study together, he definitely help me a lot in my studies. I still owe him RM3 lol. And we have been friends for 7 years, since we were 11 years old. Don't you forget me friend!

Off with our chairs, out we went outside of the exam hall. My friends and I just gave a small, "Ahhh!", that's a small scream lol. But big smiles are all over our faces. Who wouldn't be happy? After that we immediately rush to the SPBT room to return our textbooks. Boy it was packed.

Then Voon Wei joined the photo session!

The day before, it hit me that it was the last day I'll be stepping in the school as an SMK Kota Damansara Seksyen 10 student. My school might not be super famous, filthy rich, nor have the most excellent results academically. But we have our moments, there were many who contributed in building our school's reputation. And I definitely love my school :)

Throughout the five years of high school, I've been collecting memories along the way. I was really grateful and fortunate to meet great friends in this school, friends whom I can count on. Friends that I know I could have a long friendship with for years to come. It's just really sad that I couldn't meet my classmates as often as I could... Namely everyone in 5 Adil, every single one of us play a role in the class. Be it fighting for extra marks in class with teachers or just making the whole class chaotic. Teachers til now couldn't believe how Adil is so noisy and indifferent. I think, that's how the way we are.

I am also truly honour to have great teachers to answers my hows and whys. My english teacher have been teaching me for 3 years! Since I was in PMR until SPM. Most of our teachers took up our class for two years such as our BM teacher, Physics teacher, Maths teacher. We have the same class teacher for form 4 and form 5 as well! I am definitely not complaining. I couldn't be any happier having her as a class teacher, Puan Normah :) I even remembered the first day she came into our class in 2013, she announced that she was our class teacher. She said, "Maaflah kalau awak semua dapat saya sebagai guru kelas awak lagi". I don't know why she thought all of us don't like her everytime, in fact, I like my teacher, most of us like her. Those who don't like teacher, bad bad you. Teacher is too cute la. My only regret is not taking a photo with her! I will take it on SPM results day!

I thank the teachers who work their butt off for us as well. Making extra classes for us on weekends, after school periods. Definitely kudos to them! I benefit it a lot from the extra classes.

I also wondered why last time, our school used to be shooting venue for movies and drama. Got so nice meh? Yeap, I should be grateful. As I look around, my school is indeed beautiful. We have a kolam ikan, taman herba. Okaylah maybe your school also have and maybe even canggih. But....yeah, I love my school. End of story.

I was glad to meet some people that I know I could have a long friendship with. They definitely hold a significant part of my high school life. I'll always remember that little something about them, be it the way they hold their fork and spoon, the way they laugh, the way they talk, or maybe even the way they react to people touching their faces haha.

All in all, my high school life was definitely complete with memories to conserve. And I thank blogging for documenting the littlest things in life during high school, that way I could view through my archive and smile at how silly we all use to be, at how easy we laugh at jokes, how we could have so much fun with each other. For years to come, I hope we could still be in contact and we bring our little sons or daughters to go yum cha. Okay I get to far.

Heck, you'll still see my friends in my blog for sure! :)

High school life just ended but it was just the beginning of something new, I hope and wish for the best to all of you in the next phase in life. We may walk separate ways after this, but I shall never forget what was it like during high school :)

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