Dec 7, 2013

Have a great day, cheers!

Hi there,

          It's great to just spend some time relaxing with my legs crossed, with a laptop on my finger tips and typing this blog post. I just got back from my driving school, for undang. I'm on my way into getting my driving license! Yay.

I should've gotten it long ago since my birthday was early of the year but my parents didn't allow me, so here I am, after SPM, taking undang today. Haha so forget all the bullshits I used to post on my blog last time.

Just the other day, I was over at Ern's house. It was nice meeting again since the 28th. And it was very nice meeting aunty, idk why, it felt very homely to me, like my second house or something. We spend some time over at lunch, just eating and catching up with each other. It wasn't much but was just comforting? I don't know how do I put in words. And not as clueless as I thought, I became a face got...make up on. Last time lil' Yan Yan also got make up by Ern lol. I guess the next shall be Vw then haha.

It wasn't that bad la actually, I wasn't a victim. She did quite of a good job!

    I am 8 days away til my trip to Japan. And in two more days, it will be less than a week. I'm on the verge of excitement here, for one thing, it'll be winter in Japan, and secondly, I finally contacted my host family successfully! Yay ^o^ They say they are waiting for me to arrive! *hearts flutter*

It took a hard time contacting my host families. I'm not sure if it's the problem with the email or not, coz japanese emails are a lot different. But gladly they received one of the many emails that I sent.

Hopefully my preparation for winter is enough. I am really scare of cold but I also can't wait to experience winter. Ironic. And hopefully I'll be able to update my blog in Japan, to share my trip during this exchange programme.

Till then, cheers!

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