Dec 11, 2013

First time scaling

My teeth feel extremely naked now.

In the morning mom and dad went to the dentist to check on their teeth and at the same time, they did scaling. Est did it last week. They alll came home with naked teeth! That is, plague free teeth, spotless! You can't see any bits of left over in between your teeth. I didn't quite get it though because I'm the only one in the family that haven't go scaling, besides Apple that is.

So my dad ask me to as well, and it only cost 3 effing ringgit. Cheap or what you tell me. RM1 for registration, RM2 for scaling. Malaysian citizens should definitely make use on this kind of benefits that the government provides.

And so I went scaling as well. The dentist was a young handsome man *jackpot kaching* ! In one way it was nice having such a friendly handsome looking dentist but then another way, he had to look at my horrible teeth some more do scaling. Don't be shock to find yourself spitting a lot of blood out when you gargle after scaling, that is if you are like me, haven't been to scaling for 17years. It was my first time. I'm just glad he said mine wasn't the worst teeth he had to do scaling, they were far far farrrr more worse. *relieved *

It's advisable to do scaling 6 months once. So twice a year.

Seeing so many young dentist at the clinic just now also somehow motivates myself into pursuing dentistry. We'll see.

Till then, see ya.

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