Oct 26, 2013



Today I attended Orientation Day for the exchange programme that I took part in. I was waiting anxiously for this day but *boo hoo*, I got diarrhea today. Such luck. Yesterday night, I made visits to the toilet almost every hour. At times, I just plan to sleep inside the toilet because I'm so tired of making my way to the toilet in between of my sleep. Ugh, sleep deprived.

Just the day before I had my monthly period pain. I hate the first day, every time. Two consecutive days of suffering, I hope tomorrow and the rest of the days, weeks and months, I will be healthy and fine and free from any of this pains. *touch wood*

Enough of blabbering about my sufferings. Back to Orientation day, there's a briefing regarding our trip. Sometimes things doesn't goes well as what we expected, for example, what if your passport went missing? What should you do? So mainly, I'll need to inform my host parents first, to see what they can do to help. And later, I have to go to the Malaysia embassy.

I think all of this is really useful information. Anything could happen when you're outstation, so you'll just have to be well prepared for unexpected situations.

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