Oct 19, 2013

Early Celebration

Good evening,

November is around the corner and that means our youngest friend, Yan Yan, is turning 17 soon. But unfortunately this year, her birthday falls on the first day of SPM! So, we decided to bring forward her birthday celebration, which is...today :)

You don't know happy I was when we could finally go out and enjoy some good food and be Asians at work. Just to like, you know, take a short break from studying? I was looking forward to scout for new restaurants and cafes we never place foot on and we thought why not we try Korean food instead of the usual Western food. Vw picked us up right after Yan Yan finished tuition.

Yan's birthday lunch
and so we went to Seoulscape Bistro.

Big face, small face.

I find beautifully decorated restaurants/cafes/bistros attractive. It could definitely attracts me to come back for more, of course the food must be good also la.

So we sat down in a very nice corner, a very friendly waitress served us with spicy and savoury Korean food, slowly enjoying tea and yakso in the end of our meal... Ern was adding yakso for us when our cups went empty. And Vw that added ramen for Yan and I. *hearts flutter*

I gotta say that waitress is somewhat like a long lost friend of ours? And her expression was so funny when we ordered yakso

By the end of our meal, we were bloated! Extremely bloated. Our initial plan for a second round of desserts was cancel due to our overly stuffed stomach. But I bet Ern sure can still eat. Her appetite never fails to amaze me.

So I guess we'll have cake for  the birthday girl after SPM? heh.

went a little crazy with the birthday girl. I suspect she have some kind of young potion or happy potion because whenever I'm with her, I feel younger. slightly crazier or a little childish. I'm all smiles.

Thank you for the great day girls.

Eventhough we didn't officially graduated today, (lol pls, only 5 person in our class went for graduation), but in heart we already graduated? lol paiseh, I'm lost in words currently.
Aiyah, I feel like, if SPM isn't over yet, I'm not graduated. I think I'll self-graduate after SPM.

Hello, graduation party.

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