Oct 3, 2013

Back on track

*takes a deep breathe*

The past two days has been miserable for me. Miserable. I have been sick. Had fever, flu and sorethroat. Last night mom went to see the pharmacist to get prescribed medicine for me. The pharmacist suspect that I have been having infection in my throat. And the infection is said to be causing me fever. The sore throat that I'm having is literally killing me. It's like a needle stuck in my throat. Ouch. Extremely ouch.

Water is definitely vital for a sore throat. But even gulping down a small amount of water could make me scream in agony. Still I have to force down the water and increase resistance level.

Thank god, I am better today.

But still, I couldn't get my hopes up. I still need to take good care of myself, drink more water, eat my medicine at the right time and get plenty of rest.

I was wondering, if I am 15 this year. I will be in some serious pothole. Because I wouldn't be able to sit for PMR. But thankfully, I am 17, not sitting for PMR but SPM instead. And SPM is like what? one month away?!

I'm just so thankful that I am getting better so I could be back on track to start revising again. The pass few days have been an obstacle for me to revise for SPM. Everyday at home like a walking corpse, laying on the couch ill, reminds me that I have to be healthy enough. To be healthy enough so this wouldn't happen to me during SPM. Oh lord please don't. *touch wood*

May health be with me.

Time to eat my medicine.

PS: I finally got my passport today! Something to boost up my immunity level despite my passport photo looked extremely horrible, because I took the photo on Tuesday, the day that I was so ill. So my face was extremely pale and puffy -___- My IC photo and passport photo can fight it out in terms of ugliness.

PSPS: If you plan to renew your passport, be sure to have snacks or a book or a smartphone with you. Because you'll have to queue for a very very very very veryyyyy longgggg time. When I went there, I have to wait for 200+ people before it was my turn. And we asked them if everyday were that many people, and she nodded. Everyday is crowded with people!

PSPSPS: I just knew our new passport have chips on it. Well you can't blame me, I haven't took notice anything related to overseas or passport for the past ten years. And if you're planning to visit Japan, you'll just need you new passport with chip and the front page stamped with ICAO. Then you wouldn't have to apply for visa. If still using the old passport without the chip and the ICAO stamp, you'll still need to apply for a visa.

What amaze me most in my trip to the imigresen station there was how the youngsters will give their seats to the elderly. It's pleasant to see this random act of kindness in our society.

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