Oct 22, 2013



Just came back from school from BM's extra class. Thought I took some pictures of myself in my school uniform because as I walk back home, I thought of 6 more days.

Today as our extra class goes by, I was recounting the days left that we could still step foot in our school. And it's only 6 days more. Excluding the days we're sitting for SPM. 6 days more to let me sit with my friends in our classroom, 6 days more to have teachers entering our class, 6 days more to make noise in the class...

How time flies. Next Wednesday we'll be arranging our seats for our examination. It will be a extravagant cleaning up session, just like how we did it during PMR. Back then, it was 3 days before PMR. This year, it will be 7 days before SPM.
Then I think there will be one last sharing of token of appreciation to the teachers. We'll all shake our teachers hands as teacher gives us one last of good luck and advice. After that, the Form 5 students will be given a week off to study at home and we'll return back to school on the 6th of November to face SPM.

How time flies.

I'm gonna miss my time with my friends in class and seeing some of my favourite teachers as well. Sigh, the 6 of us couldn't sit at the right corner of the class again, talking about nonsense all day long and laughing into every joke any of us tell.

And today we ate lunch in our school canteen. I don't know when will be the last time I'll ever eat at the school canteen, not saying that I like it a lot... but having lunch today with my friends in the school canteen felt nostalgic as we used to have recess all the time during Form 1,2. After that we started to migrate from a place to another. I remember eating maggi cup noodles almost everyday!

I'm not being sentimental. Not sad-sad sentimental but sort of a happy sentimental. I'm just happy and bubbly all the way home just now and I thought I should blog about my day because I wanted to do so.
Documenting my high school was really enjoyable. In few years time, I could scroll back and read and reminisce my high school life...

Thank you.

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