Oct 29, 2013


*feeling fluttery inside*

My two classmates since Form 1. While I am typing this post, I am smiling to my ears. I can't stop smiling at this photo, it just makes me feel grown up and a mixture of indescribable feelings :) And having to see this comparison, it just feels, haha, really fun. High school life is definitely fun.

I find something really funny too!
4 years ago, both Lcd and Pei Ern were wearing specs. But in the present, I am wearing it. Haha.

They still wear it, but coincidentally not in this photo. And did Lcd had a hair job or something? lolol. Lcd also left a remark saying that the smile that Ern showed during Form 1 is a very innocent smile plus that *handsome hand gesture*, but in the present, she expressed a different kind of smile.. Haha.

I have yet to find an old photo of Loly, so I couldn't post it yet. Tomorrow will be our last day at school(not official), we'll be cleaning up our tables and arranging it for SPM!

Today also marks our last day in our classroom. Oh 5 Adil. All of our teachers also expressed their best wishes to us. Much appreciated :) Can't believe I'm leaving high school soon *wipe tears*

PS: I just notice another difference from our photo!
2009, Ern smiled exposing her teeth but not Lcd and I.
2013, Ern didn't showed her teeth, instead Lcd and I exposed our teeth.

This is really something haha.

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