Sep 15, 2013



Greetings earthlings. I sit by here today, to express myself of the enjoyment I had for the past two days since my trial. It was a Friday and one of my to-do list after trial is KARAOKE. We both had a good two hours to sing our lungs out. Esther as usual sang Titanium and cracked her voice lolol. She'll end up bursting into a weird laugh when she couldn't hit the high notes, weirdo.

Getting wicked with the sister.

As for Saturday, we slack at home the whole day. Watching movies, 24-hour onlining, just practically doing lazy stuff. I even took an afternoon nap despite not waking up early. Man was I lazy... Est decide to watch Brave. 


mom promised to bring us out. so we had lunch together and walk around the shopping mall without buying anything except cheesecakeeee. Yum <3

Baby sister fell in the car after a long day of walking. I fell asleep as well. 

Muahaha, tomorrow is another holiday. Another day to relax before putting my game face on again. I think people should learn to enjoy themselves in life, to serve up as a reward for the all the hardwork (not that I'm saying I'm working very hard) they've put into their career, studies or etc. 

Have a great day tomorrow. Happy Malaysia Day in advance :)

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