Sep 3, 2013



          Just made my way back from school, and so far I've finished four papers. Both languange papers, Bahasa and English. Feeling upbeat awesome today, I don't know if it was because of my exam or what, but I am somehow bubbly now.

Since I am in a good mood, I just treated myself to a generous plate of carbohydrates and fried chicken. Oh so fattening!

For today's English paper, I wrote something regarding my personal experiences. It's definitely much easier to write something based on experience, but the story had a twist, a twist that I hope would not happen to me *gulps*

The weather is just splendid currently. A chill, cooling Tuesday afternoon. Rainy days are definitely the best to have afternoon naps.

It will be so soon til I finish my trial papers, and soon it'll be SPM. After SPM, wohoo! Hello freedom. Patience, few more weeks more!

{Cheers, Pr.}

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