Sep 27, 2013

I'm going to Japan babeh

I bet you could tell what I am going to announce from my title.

But please.....bear with me and read on!

Ever since 2003, I've never venture the outdoors of Malaysia. The last time I was overseas was my trip to Singapore with my family, to visit a friend of ours. Back then, Universal Studios Singapore weren't even built. I was a petite 7 year old back then, I didn't know what was it like to travel? I didn't even know how to take so many photos... I think back then I didn't even have a camera. Oklah, a digital camera. I have those film cameras, those bulky type, but it was better than nothing at that year. In addition to that, we drove to Singapore!

I have never been on an aeroplane.

That's the reason why I have been so eager to venture out of Malaysia! That's why I was in the interview in the first place!

Remember this and  this? I was going to that very important interview of the year.

I applied for a youth exchange programme. And I chose Japan as my destination. I opt Australia for my second choice. I want to see the world, experience different culture, food, meeting new people, learning their languange, knowing the country more... and of course, travel.
It has been a life long dream of mine despite living for only 17 years.

After what seems like a century of waiting....the results of my interview is out!

Sorry before that I have to tell a story first. I am this long-winded.

So I came home today, just like any other day, I always check my email everyday. Just to see if I got a letter from them. With my lack of enthusiasm, because I've been checking my mail twice everyday and in hope that  I receive the email but it wasn't there every time, so i was beginning to lose hope... I was all negative. "Maybe I wasn't good enough", "Why would they even select me?", "Maybe my written test was also horrible"...

Then, I checked my Facebook account. I checked the exchange programme group in Facebook, and they announced that 35 people out of the 60+ people who interviewed will be chosen! And it was posted two days ago, on dad's birthday. They say we will receive a call from them. By then I was nervous like hell. Like hell. I just had to emphasize that twice.

At first the phone rang, ran towards the phone! It was dad....

So I thought they will call the next day, and it so happened when I was watching tv, the phone rang again. I still ran towards the phone, IT'S NOT DAD! IT'S THE EXCHANGE PROGRAMME GUY! Holy potato balls.


Hi-5 dad twice. Hug him.
Screamed with mom.
Hug Est and jumping around.
Hi-5 Apple as well!
Meowed with Nelson.

Yeap, we were all happy :D Beyond the moon as the matter of fact!

Thank you for reading. I am very happy. Very happy. Ultra happy. Potato balls happy.

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