Sep 11, 2013

Exam on a Saturday

The classmates pasted all their names on the wall.

Spotted mine as well.

The left side of the view from my hot seat. The place where I stare and gaze countlessly to seek for answers in every corner of my brain. Haha.
But the classes opposite are ear deafening, it's definitely distracting with the hullabaloos. Hello, don't you know it's exam week for us? We just had to insert invisible imaginative ear plugs, pretending they weren't screaming -.-

It was a Maths test on that Satuday. Second time having an exam on a Saturday. Last year it was Biology.

My right side of the view. Just next to the teacher's table. For this exam, I found myself having numerous conversations with my teachers because I was seated an inch from the teacher's table only. I think one of the most enjoyable conversations was with my Maths teacher, which was also my class teacher. That time Yee and Linghes came over to my seat, oh yeah and we were studying for Sejarah paper 1 that time. Then out of sudden teacher asked Yee a very rare question. Teacher asked about her hair lolol. And before that teacher also asked if we find Sejarah difficult to score or not, and so on and so forth.

Oh yeah, and to not mention, on that Saturday morning, my sister for the first time ever, was given a chance to be the conductor of the school's choir team. She basically scream to volunteer when teacher asked if anyone would like to take the place of the conductor. Some courage she got there haha.

She insisted for me to see her perform. Initially, I planned to go to school around 9am+, because the exam started at 10.30am. So I could rest more for the deficit of sleep. But yeah, as her elder sister, it's good that I show some support. So yeah, GO ESTHER!

She rocked it. By the time the 3rd song end, her arms were numb lol. And did I mention she appeared on tv? :D For that few seconds only la, haha, but wohoo, you go sister! The cameraman was filming directly at her face. 

Serious face.jpg



{Cheers, Pr}

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