Sep 14, 2013

A day as a kindergarden teacher

Hey guys! As promised, I will be posting my day in the kindergarden with my Japanese host sister. A day before, we discussed about the things we're going to do with the kindergardeners.

I was ecstatic! Before this, I thought of taking kindergarden teaching as my part time job while waiting for my SPM results. And that day, I manage to get a little experience of what it's like to be a kindergarden teacher :)

Kanae first introduce herself.

We also decide we did some singing session with the children. And what better not to sing either Doraemon theme song? Kanae sang the full song. The children were murmuring in the first part, but when it comes to the chorus "AN AN AN TOTEMO DAISUKI DO-RA-E-M-ON", the children were so loud. I also sang that part the loudest lol.

Next we did origami! It was a super super easy origami. The kids just need to fold the ears and draw the nose, mouth and eyes. It's a dog! :) We also taught them what is dog in Japanese, it's pronounce as e-nu-t.

They were so happy with their origami!

The last session was presented by the kids :) Since Kanae has been teaching them more about Japan, it's time for the kids to teach her about Malaysia. We asked them their favourite food. Nasi lemak, char kuey teow, roti canai... You name it! The kids also sang songs for Kanae. Man, they were loud! haha.

Before that, we taught them numbers in Japanese. We asked them each number in Japanese and they will be given a jelly as a reward. They really love jelly... Didn't think they could remember it so fast. I think they remember it so well because of the rewards haha.

There was a boy who raised up his hand to answer but he didn't know the answer, he just wanted to hug Kanae lol. 

After that it was time to go home. We thanked the teachers there and said goodbye to the kids. Apple get to play the slide in the end. It was a great time for Apple as well because she gets to mingle with other kids around her age.

Great day, great experience.

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