Sep 27, 2013

I'm going to Japan babeh

I bet you could tell what I am going to announce from my title.

But please.....bear with me and read on!

Ever since 2003, I've never venture the outdoors of Malaysia. The last time I was overseas was my trip to Singapore with my family, to visit a friend of ours. Back then, Universal Studios Singapore weren't even built. I was a petite 7 year old back then, I didn't know what was it like to travel? I didn't even know how to take so many photos... I think back then I didn't even have a camera. Oklah, a digital camera. I have those film cameras, those bulky type, but it was better than nothing at that year. In addition to that, we drove to Singapore!

I have never been on an aeroplane.

That's the reason why I have been so eager to venture out of Malaysia! That's why I was in the interview in the first place!

Remember this and  this? I was going to that very important interview of the year.

I applied for a youth exchange programme. And I chose Japan as my destination. I opt Australia for my second choice. I want to see the world, experience different culture, food, meeting new people, learning their languange, knowing the country more... and of course, travel.
It has been a life long dream of mine despite living for only 17 years.

After what seems like a century of waiting....the results of my interview is out!

Sorry before that I have to tell a story first. I am this long-winded.

So I came home today, just like any other day, I always check my email everyday. Just to see if I got a letter from them. With my lack of enthusiasm, because I've been checking my mail twice everyday and in hope that  I receive the email but it wasn't there every time, so i was beginning to lose hope... I was all negative. "Maybe I wasn't good enough", "Why would they even select me?", "Maybe my written test was also horrible"...

Then, I checked my Facebook account. I checked the exchange programme group in Facebook, and they announced that 35 people out of the 60+ people who interviewed will be chosen! And it was posted two days ago, on dad's birthday. They say we will receive a call from them. By then I was nervous like hell. Like hell. I just had to emphasize that twice.

At first the phone rang, ran towards the phone! It was dad....

So I thought they will call the next day, and it so happened when I was watching tv, the phone rang again. I still ran towards the phone, IT'S NOT DAD! IT'S THE EXCHANGE PROGRAMME GUY! Holy potato balls.


Hi-5 dad twice. Hug him.
Screamed with mom.
Hug Est and jumping around.
Hi-5 Apple as well!
Meowed with Nelson.

Yeap, we were all happy :D Beyond the moon as the matter of fact!

Thank you for reading. I am very happy. Very happy. Ultra happy. Potato balls happy.

Sep 15, 2013



Greetings earthlings. I sit by here today, to express myself of the enjoyment I had for the past two days since my trial. It was a Friday and one of my to-do list after trial is KARAOKE. We both had a good two hours to sing our lungs out. Esther as usual sang Titanium and cracked her voice lolol. She'll end up bursting into a weird laugh when she couldn't hit the high notes, weirdo.

Getting wicked with the sister.

As for Saturday, we slack at home the whole day. Watching movies, 24-hour onlining, just practically doing lazy stuff. I even took an afternoon nap despite not waking up early. Man was I lazy... Est decide to watch Brave. 


mom promised to bring us out. so we had lunch together and walk around the shopping mall without buying anything except cheesecakeeee. Yum <3

Baby sister fell in the car after a long day of walking. I fell asleep as well. 

Muahaha, tomorrow is another holiday. Another day to relax before putting my game face on again. I think people should learn to enjoy themselves in life, to serve up as a reward for the all the hardwork (not that I'm saying I'm working very hard) they've put into their career, studies or etc. 

Have a great day tomorrow. Happy Malaysia Day in advance :)

Sep 14, 2013

A day as a kindergarden teacher

Hey guys! As promised, I will be posting my day in the kindergarden with my Japanese host sister. A day before, we discussed about the things we're going to do with the kindergardeners.

I was ecstatic! Before this, I thought of taking kindergarden teaching as my part time job while waiting for my SPM results. And that day, I manage to get a little experience of what it's like to be a kindergarden teacher :)

Kanae first introduce herself.

We also decide we did some singing session with the children. And what better not to sing either Doraemon theme song? Kanae sang the full song. The children were murmuring in the first part, but when it comes to the chorus "AN AN AN TOTEMO DAISUKI DO-RA-E-M-ON", the children were so loud. I also sang that part the loudest lol.

Next we did origami! It was a super super easy origami. The kids just need to fold the ears and draw the nose, mouth and eyes. It's a dog! :) We also taught them what is dog in Japanese, it's pronounce as e-nu-t.

They were so happy with their origami!

The last session was presented by the kids :) Since Kanae has been teaching them more about Japan, it's time for the kids to teach her about Malaysia. We asked them their favourite food. Nasi lemak, char kuey teow, roti canai... You name it! The kids also sang songs for Kanae. Man, they were loud! haha.

Before that, we taught them numbers in Japanese. We asked them each number in Japanese and they will be given a jelly as a reward. They really love jelly... Didn't think they could remember it so fast. I think they remember it so well because of the rewards haha.

There was a boy who raised up his hand to answer but he didn't know the answer, he just wanted to hug Kanae lol. 

After that it was time to go home. We thanked the teachers there and said goodbye to the kids. Apple get to play the slide in the end. It was a great time for Apple as well because she gets to mingle with other kids around her age.

Great day, great experience.

Sep 11, 2013

Exam on a Saturday

The classmates pasted all their names on the wall.

Spotted mine as well.

The left side of the view from my hot seat. The place where I stare and gaze countlessly to seek for answers in every corner of my brain. Haha.
But the classes opposite are ear deafening, it's definitely distracting with the hullabaloos. Hello, don't you know it's exam week for us? We just had to insert invisible imaginative ear plugs, pretending they weren't screaming -.-

It was a Maths test on that Satuday. Second time having an exam on a Saturday. Last year it was Biology.

My right side of the view. Just next to the teacher's table. For this exam, I found myself having numerous conversations with my teachers because I was seated an inch from the teacher's table only. I think one of the most enjoyable conversations was with my Maths teacher, which was also my class teacher. That time Yee and Linghes came over to my seat, oh yeah and we were studying for Sejarah paper 1 that time. Then out of sudden teacher asked Yee a very rare question. Teacher asked about her hair lolol. And before that teacher also asked if we find Sejarah difficult to score or not, and so on and so forth.

Oh yeah, and to not mention, on that Saturday morning, my sister for the first time ever, was given a chance to be the conductor of the school's choir team. She basically scream to volunteer when teacher asked if anyone would like to take the place of the conductor. Some courage she got there haha.

She insisted for me to see her perform. Initially, I planned to go to school around 9am+, because the exam started at 10.30am. So I could rest more for the deficit of sleep. But yeah, as her elder sister, it's good that I show some support. So yeah, GO ESTHER!

She rocked it. By the time the 3rd song end, her arms were numb lol. And did I mention she appeared on tv? :D For that few seconds only la, haha, but wohoo, you go sister! The cameraman was filming directly at her face. 

Serious face.jpg



{Cheers, Pr}

Sep 3, 2013



          Just made my way back from school, and so far I've finished four papers. Both languange papers, Bahasa and English. Feeling upbeat awesome today, I don't know if it was because of my exam or what, but I am somehow bubbly now.

Since I am in a good mood, I just treated myself to a generous plate of carbohydrates and fried chicken. Oh so fattening!

For today's English paper, I wrote something regarding my personal experiences. It's definitely much easier to write something based on experience, but the story had a twist, a twist that I hope would not happen to me *gulps*

The weather is just splendid currently. A chill, cooling Tuesday afternoon. Rainy days are definitely the best to have afternoon naps.

It will be so soon til I finish my trial papers, and soon it'll be SPM. After SPM, wohoo! Hello freedom. Patience, few more weeks more!

{Cheers, Pr.}