Aug 30, 2013

SPM Trial

Good morning,

such a lovely Friday to be at home, in front of my laptop.

Haha, shouldn't I be in school now? I decide to take a break for myself and study at home.
Yesterday, I think achieved so much in my studies alongside with Yee.
We were talking BM like crazy wtf, just in hope to improve our BM.

About this trial, it reminds me of someone who said something to me 3 years back. By the name, Wei Guang. That time I was in Form Two, 14 years old while he was 17, in Form Five, in SPM year. So one night we were texting and I was complaining that I am studying for my August test. I was having a test but he wasn't having a test. At that time I was quite childish la,
I said "Hey not fair! Why you don't have exam one?".

Then he said he is going to sit for SPM trial after a week after I finish my August test lol. Hahaha! He added, "Then we exchange la. You don't want August test, you take trial la". And now I am a few days away to my SPM trial.

Sometimes somethings could bring back some flashback haha.

I wonder how is my good old friend doing now?

Off to study, bye bye.

{Cheers, Pr.}

PS: That's my niece in the photo.
I think she is sick of me taking
pictures with her haha!!

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