Aug 18, 2013

Simple Joy


Argh, it's the last day of the school holidays! Can't believe it's been two whole weeks. For this second semester holidays, I am absolutely indulged into the holiday mood. Not even a single stress was felt. I was too busy enjoying myself, spending more time with family and myself. You don't know how good was it to have time, specially for yourself. Sometimes, you have to spend time for yourself, do something you enjoy, be it sleeping or eating.

Talking about eating, I've gained weight! You could see the effect on my face, my face became chubbier! fml. My origin face was already round enough -.- I've ate so much this holidays. Maybe 5 meals a day. Because Kanae was with us and we kept asking her to eat but at the same time we ate as well.

So starting from tomorrow, the holiday eating habit has got to go! *serious face.jpg*

I am just really happy. But I don't know what I am happy of . It has come to times where people find themselves happy for no reason. This is my time.

This holiday have been great, definitely enjoyed it to the max! All fun will come to an end. Tomorrow is a brand new day, I need to, I have to make up the time I've use for fun and games in exchange for my study time now. We're two weeks away til trial.

All the best 1996. 

{Love, Pr.}

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