Aug 30, 2013

SPM Trial

Good morning,

such a lovely Friday to be at home, in front of my laptop.

Haha, shouldn't I be in school now? I decide to take a break for myself and study at home.
Yesterday, I think achieved so much in my studies alongside with Yee.
We were talking BM like crazy wtf, just in hope to improve our BM.

About this trial, it reminds me of someone who said something to me 3 years back. By the name, Wei Guang. That time I was in Form Two, 14 years old while he was 17, in Form Five, in SPM year. So one night we were texting and I was complaining that I am studying for my August test. I was having a test but he wasn't having a test. At that time I was quite childish la,
I said "Hey not fair! Why you don't have exam one?".

Then he said he is going to sit for SPM trial after a week after I finish my August test lol. Hahaha! He added, "Then we exchange la. You don't want August test, you take trial la". And now I am a few days away to my SPM trial.

Sometimes somethings could bring back some flashback haha.

I wonder how is my good old friend doing now?

Off to study, bye bye.

{Cheers, Pr.}

PS: That's my niece in the photo.
I think she is sick of me taking
pictures with her haha!!

Aug 18, 2013

Simple Joy


Argh, it's the last day of the school holidays! Can't believe it's been two whole weeks. For this second semester holidays, I am absolutely indulged into the holiday mood. Not even a single stress was felt. I was too busy enjoying myself, spending more time with family and myself. You don't know how good was it to have time, specially for yourself. Sometimes, you have to spend time for yourself, do something you enjoy, be it sleeping or eating.

Talking about eating, I've gained weight! You could see the effect on my face, my face became chubbier! fml. My origin face was already round enough -.- I've ate so much this holidays. Maybe 5 meals a day. Because Kanae was with us and we kept asking her to eat but at the same time we ate as well.

So starting from tomorrow, the holiday eating habit has got to go! *serious face.jpg*

I am just really happy. But I don't know what I am happy of . It has come to times where people find themselves happy for no reason. This is my time.

This holiday have been great, definitely enjoyed it to the max! All fun will come to an end. Tomorrow is a brand new day, I need to, I have to make up the time I've use for fun and games in exchange for my study time now. We're two weeks away til trial.

All the best 1996. 

{Love, Pr.}



Last Tuesday, after having a karaoke session with my family, I was all hyped up and feeling vain. This explains the photos here. I'm was just plainly hyper and joyful and all. And I don't know why all my photos end up blurred -.-

I find myself slowly loving the colour orange now. I just new that I have several orange items in my room. For example, this orange shorts. It match well with any other plain tees.

PS: (from the last picture) Never stand up at a high distance from floor level, you might just trip.



Aug 16, 2013

My sister from another mother

Sorry for the miss in action on social networks recently. From this blog post, I mentioned that I'll be receiving a guest from abroad. At first, my family first hesitated if we should host somebody because we never have anyone stay in our house for a long period. And there were so many things that is inappropriate that our family do for a guest to see, such as digging our nose or farting out loud lol.

Making that decision was something we will never regret :)

Introducing my host sister, Kanae Nakanishi.

This is taken Friday,05/08/2013, when she came back from her second host family in Kuantan.

I didn't manage to snap a lot of photos with her on the first few days of her stay. After the first 3 days with us, she went to Kuantan. She told us that she enjoy that 3 days with us. On a Sunday night we brought her for karaoke. To my surprise, she LOVE singing. But too bad there wasn't many Japanese songs to select, nevertheless, our family get to hear many nice songs :)

I think we clicked immediately because we share many common interest. She love singing, our family love singing. She like animals, we have Nelson (our cat).

[Friday] She came back from Kuantan, feeling tired. I had school that morning.

Eating an early dinner after buying some food from bazaar ramadhan. She like murtabak.

Making origami. She says she wasn't good in folding origami -o- The three of us were preparing for her day in the kindergarden. Will blog more about this next time.

The day she came back from Kuantan was on Apple's Birthday and we celebrate it together. She even amde Apple a birthday card and bought a barney pillow for Apple. She knew Apple like Barney so much lol. We didn't expect her to give anything but she did! Thank you on behalf of Apple.

We knew that she like pink so we bought her a pink baju kurung. Never buy a baju kurung before, so this was the first. A gift from us to her. It was for her farewell lunch fashion show. So many people wear different types of Malaysia traditional clothes on that day.

We sent her to the airport yesterday and yeah, mom and dad miss her already. She took a very long flight back home. Glad that she arrived home safely. Now that she's back home, our family goes back to square. I have to go back to revising for SPM. I don't think I'm prepared for SPM -.-

In conclusion, our family was very happy to have her in our family. It was definitely a good experience hosting someone. Not only we get to know Kanae's country (Japan), she improved her English, I improve my Japanese, the most important thing is we learn to have this host family relationship. Esther, Apple and I gain a sister. Mom and dad gain a daughter. But most of all, we all gain weight! lol

We hope to meet again someday :)

{Cheers, Pr.}