Jul 26, 2013

Simple things that make me happy

Ooh waffles! A&W waffles are the best. Alongside with a pint of root bear. Things could not get wrong.

Could you guess what is this? It's actually Apple's new water bottle! We got it from Dutch Lady. Whenever you buy two packets of Dutch Lady 123 or 45, you'll get a free bottle. How cute!

Some hangers we bought from IKEA the other day. So colorful ^o^ Seeing colourful objects like this makes me happy. I think I should get myself more colourful items.

Tomorrow is a very important day to me. Tomorrow decides wheather if I could fly or not. Haha, I'm not taking flying lessons. How I present myself tomorrow to the panel, how I answer the written test, how I answer questions, it all determines what the next few months will do to me.

If I succeed, it will the best news throughout the year. And I could literally scream out of enjoyment til my neighbourhood comes to complain.

Need to wake up real early to get myself ready for the interview. And Est had prepared a set of clothes for my interview tomorrow. I'm only allowed to wear formal clothes. That's the dress code.

The anxiety I feel now is excruciating!

{All the best, Pr.}

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