Jul 25, 2013

My favourite girls

Hello, good afternoon!

Yesterday was a day of gratefulness. I just want to share my gratitude to them for everything they have done. It was a last minute green light for me.

I couldn't express how bo ho yi shu I was yesterday. Voon Wei had to fetch me home but then my mom wasn't home. My neighbour wasn't home. And I had to borrow a phone from a stranger to call my mom. Mom finally agreed to let me join my friends for lunch. *tears of joy*

The three of them had to wait for me for such a long time in front of my door. So paiseh. The day before, Yan Yan continuously texted me and even made me laugh. Because my phone had this weird problem, the caller couldn't hear my voice at all. So Yan Yan was all awkward and all. haha.

The girls and I went for lunch. I had such a pleasant lunch with them. Great ambiance, great food, great people. It was very satisfying, in sense that, it was very simple yet comfortable.

The birthday girl even had to pay for me first because I couldn't get through my door to get my purse. I am so sorry T.T I'll pay back asap.

I can't thank these three girls enough T.T

It was a very paiseh day.

{Love, Pr.}

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