Jul 27, 2013

Interview of the year

Good afternoon guys,

After a long morning, I am finally back home, my sweet and comfortable home. My interview finished quite early actually. Supposedly, it should end by 1pm. But I finished everything by 11.30am. Haha, I'm fast.

This was what I wore to the interview today.

The letter I received stated that we were required to wear formal wear but when I went there today, many didn't wear the proper attire. The guys on the other hand, followed the dress code real well.

But I think, this attire is quite OL(office lady), don't you think?

Overall, I think I did quite well in the written test, despite leaving a few question blank. It's consider not bad for me. The written test holds 90% of my total marks.

The questions about Malaysia was my favourite. They asked names of our prime minister, our states... So easy :P The situational questions are definitely tougher.

For the interview though, which hold 100% of my total marks, I am really worry about it. My interviewer asked many situational questions which got my tongue tied. But I didn't remain silent la. I still tried answering and tell him as much as I could.

I made friends with this girl. And both of us are all nervous and all. We both went in the same interview room. She was the first who finish the written test, while I was second. But i didn't know her name...

Whilst waiting for my parents to pick me up, I overheard some of the other applicants talking bout their interview. And I think all always are the same lol. At first I thought only the guy who interview me was giving me advice about things I should do instead of this and that.

But then, it turns out, every other people was the same haha.

There was a total of 60+ over applicants. Only around 30+ would be chosen. Meaning, half of us would be cut off.

The chances for me to get a place is relatively low. Besides, I think my performance during the interview was really bad T.T

What's done is done, it's all up to them now. The only thing I could do now is wait.

Hopefully I'll get the fright of the year by receiving an email from them for my orientation!

{Love, Pr.}

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