Jul 12, 2013



Finally an update after a week of miss in action! That's Est and I with our cheeks oh-so-red, after spending our day out in the sun for Koko Day. It's my last year for Hari Koko so I thought I couldn't miss this one. I could still go next year, but the next time I go, the feeling wouldn't be the same.

For this year though, I decide not to join marching like I used to. If I did join, it will be my 5th year. Kudos to Tiffany for joining it for 5 years straight!

Despite that though, I get to do something different this year. Instead of marching, I joined my friends in setting up a game booth!

Ready to get shot!

They arrive the earliest among the other booths. Got everything done, setting up. I could tell they really work very hard for this. Actually I didn't play any role in setting the booth up, they planned the whole thing by themselves. I just tagged along and cham yit lau

The redeem area! Ress was talking to some one that time lol.

That morning, I arrive at 7am. Sem, Yong Shen, Xi Him and the others arrived already by then. Jason arrived later. Usually, Jason was all playful and stuff so I was all cheery and all, but he was so serious. Leadership (Y)

The booth was getting crowded. And surprisingly, we got a very good response from the crowd. The games attracted more guys, definitely.

Haha, but here's Xin Yi and Yan Ming! Yan Ming tried the shot gun.

They both claimed the first photo wasn't that nice so I retake. And Xi Him just had to interfere. Photobombed!

We were really busy! And within a few hours, Hisham informed us that we are earning profits already! The power of business. Didn't think that RM1 per game could earn money huh?

A photo of me and the guy in charge.

Hey your plan was a success! Known him for 5 years. All the best to you in the future, my good friend!

Sem, known him for 5 years as well. Too bad I didn't get a photo with him! Hmm, in fact, I never take a photo with him before! Joel who was kinda weird when I know him, he's more normal now lol.

Yong Shen and I took care of the darts booth, keep hitting the bulls-eye yo. And Dex, take good care! His lips was so pale that day... Sick. Ress and his sister, who was really helpful. Ress sister and I took turns take caring the counter.

Hisham, who lend me his phone and I also helped him with the batu booth, he even thanked me for helping out! Appreciate it. And Deeban who screamed so loud next to our booth. Da hell.

Rarely talk about them, so I thought yeah, now I talk about them la. Because yeah, it is my last year, and they are good guys, just sometimes a bit weird for me. Ok sorry. Yeah, but they're ok :) All the best to you guys in the future.


{Sincerely, Pris}

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