Jul 4, 2013

Extreme much

Hello, I play truant today lol. And it was because of....IKEA's member's day. Hahaha. I know right. We got invitations to be the first to shop at July's sale. We got a 2.5 hours head start. At first, I hesitate if I should go to school but I don't want to miss this super crazy idea to skip school for this either. So at last, with dad encouragement, I went...to IKEA. 

Didn't expect that did you? *smirk*

It's so rare to see IKEA so empty. Mom, Est and I are quite kiasu, we scare it's gonna be crowded so we woke up at 6.30am, but still laid in bed after the alarm rang. Haha. But turns out there weren't so many people at first, around 8am, the crowd started to form.  

Hey hey, don't go like, cheh fried bi hoon only. Not bad tasting. I ate two plates of it. Got me so full. Couldn't finish the sandwich.

Going through showrooms.

Mom wants a room like this.

My kind of room. Blue. Yeah. 

So I woke up early like any other day, just that, instead of going to school, I went to IKEA instead. I love IKEA so much because the food is yummy and it could build my dream room. IKEA is always one of our favourite places to go. We went home around 9.30am, it was quite of a rush. If we were to shop in IKEA throughly, it could take a day.

Ending this post with a very filial photo of Esther.

Good job sis!

{Goodnight, Pr.}


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  3. ooohh i duno there's ikea member day loll i dun rmb that ikea is selling fried beehun thou. they provide members breakfast for free? wow


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