Jul 29, 2013

2013 Senior Yearbook

My final yearbook was taken weeks ago and I think this year, our school's photography crew did a very good job compare to previous year. *applause* My senior year's photos are the best and my favourite so far because we have many photos rather than the usual 3 photos only (formal, candid and candid). And it was mainly because many of my classmates were in the photography crew so we get extra shots ;) !

While waiting for our turn. There were many photos taken before that already!

Everyone touching up for the last time before the shooting starts. I love this shot because it's very candid, everyone was busy looking around or adjusting their tudung or wiping their eyes (Haziq, our class monitor) or even adjusting their hair...

Going freestyle. Everyone just laughing their way and trying their best to get into the picture.

This was when the camera man switch angles and everyone rushed towards the camera. The two front men, the one you see wearing songkok and a blazer, they're the best at grabbing the front shot. They are always upfront! I barely could get in this picture haha.

May we score straight A's! Not only score 9A's but 10A's, 11A's!
(to those who take additional subjects)

My class, 5 Adil 2013.

It was a pleasure getting to know all of you.

All the best for SPM.

{Cheers, Pr.}

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