Jul 29, 2013

2013 Senior Yearbook

My final yearbook was taken weeks ago and I think this year, our school's photography crew did a very good job compare to previous year. *applause* My senior year's photos are the best and my favourite so far because we have many photos rather than the usual 3 photos only (formal, candid and candid). And it was mainly because many of my classmates were in the photography crew so we get extra shots ;) !

While waiting for our turn. There were many photos taken before that already!

Everyone touching up for the last time before the shooting starts. I love this shot because it's very candid, everyone was busy looking around or adjusting their tudung or wiping their eyes (Haziq, our class monitor) or even adjusting their hair...

Going freestyle. Everyone just laughing their way and trying their best to get into the picture.

This was when the camera man switch angles and everyone rushed towards the camera. The two front men, the one you see wearing songkok and a blazer, they're the best at grabbing the front shot. They are always upfront! I barely could get in this picture haha.

May we score straight A's! Not only score 9A's but 10A's, 11A's!
(to those who take additional subjects)

My class, 5 Adil 2013.

It was a pleasure getting to know all of you.

All the best for SPM.

{Cheers, Pr.}

Jul 27, 2013

Interview of the year

Good afternoon guys,

After a long morning, I am finally back home, my sweet and comfortable home. My interview finished quite early actually. Supposedly, it should end by 1pm. But I finished everything by 11.30am. Haha, I'm fast.

This was what I wore to the interview today.

The letter I received stated that we were required to wear formal wear but when I went there today, many didn't wear the proper attire. The guys on the other hand, followed the dress code real well.

But I think, this attire is quite OL(office lady), don't you think?

Overall, I think I did quite well in the written test, despite leaving a few question blank. It's consider not bad for me. The written test holds 90% of my total marks.

The questions about Malaysia was my favourite. They asked names of our prime minister, our states... So easy :P The situational questions are definitely tougher.

For the interview though, which hold 100% of my total marks, I am really worry about it. My interviewer asked many situational questions which got my tongue tied. But I didn't remain silent la. I still tried answering and tell him as much as I could.

I made friends with this girl. And both of us are all nervous and all. We both went in the same interview room. She was the first who finish the written test, while I was second. But i didn't know her name...

Whilst waiting for my parents to pick me up, I overheard some of the other applicants talking bout their interview. And I think all always are the same lol. At first I thought only the guy who interview me was giving me advice about things I should do instead of this and that.

But then, it turns out, every other people was the same haha.

There was a total of 60+ over applicants. Only around 30+ would be chosen. Meaning, half of us would be cut off.

The chances for me to get a place is relatively low. Besides, I think my performance during the interview was really bad T.T

What's done is done, it's all up to them now. The only thing I could do now is wait.

Hopefully I'll get the fright of the year by receiving an email from them for my orientation!

{Love, Pr.}

Jul 26, 2013

Simple things that make me happy

Ooh waffles! A&W waffles are the best. Alongside with a pint of root bear. Things could not get wrong.

Could you guess what is this? It's actually Apple's new water bottle! We got it from Dutch Lady. Whenever you buy two packets of Dutch Lady 123 or 45, you'll get a free bottle. How cute!

Some hangers we bought from IKEA the other day. So colorful ^o^ Seeing colourful objects like this makes me happy. I think I should get myself more colourful items.

Tomorrow is a very important day to me. Tomorrow decides wheather if I could fly or not. Haha, I'm not taking flying lessons. How I present myself tomorrow to the panel, how I answer the written test, how I answer questions, it all determines what the next few months will do to me.

If I succeed, it will the best news throughout the year. And I could literally scream out of enjoyment til my neighbourhood comes to complain.

Need to wake up real early to get myself ready for the interview. And Est had prepared a set of clothes for my interview tomorrow. I'm only allowed to wear formal clothes. That's the dress code.

The anxiety I feel now is excruciating!

{All the best, Pr.}

Jul 25, 2013

My favourite girls

Hello, good afternoon!

Yesterday was a day of gratefulness. I just want to share my gratitude to them for everything they have done. It was a last minute green light for me.

I couldn't express how bo ho yi shu I was yesterday. Voon Wei had to fetch me home but then my mom wasn't home. My neighbour wasn't home. And I had to borrow a phone from a stranger to call my mom. Mom finally agreed to let me join my friends for lunch. *tears of joy*

The three of them had to wait for me for such a long time in front of my door. So paiseh. The day before, Yan Yan continuously texted me and even made me laugh. Because my phone had this weird problem, the caller couldn't hear my voice at all. So Yan Yan was all awkward and all. haha.

The girls and I went for lunch. I had such a pleasant lunch with them. Great ambiance, great food, great people. It was very satisfying, in sense that, it was very simple yet comfortable.

The birthday girl even had to pay for me first because I couldn't get through my door to get my purse. I am so sorry T.T I'll pay back asap.

I can't thank these three girls enough T.T

It was a very paiseh day.

{Love, Pr.}

Jul 23, 2013


myself and the best friend.

Hello everybody!

I've been hiatus for so long. Pardon me! A lot of wonderful things are happening around me recently and I couldn't afford counting the never ending list. It's a Tuesday afternoon but funny, it feels like a Friday night.

Today is my very very very very very good friend of mine birthday!
Finally turned seventeen today.
And so far she has been rained with happiness and laughter and enjoyment all the way.

Tomorrow we'll be out for a second round of celebration! Life's definitely awesome.

{Cheers!, Pr}

Jul 12, 2013



Finally an update after a week of miss in action! That's Est and I with our cheeks oh-so-red, after spending our day out in the sun for Koko Day. It's my last year for Hari Koko so I thought I couldn't miss this one. I could still go next year, but the next time I go, the feeling wouldn't be the same.

For this year though, I decide not to join marching like I used to. If I did join, it will be my 5th year. Kudos to Tiffany for joining it for 5 years straight!

Despite that though, I get to do something different this year. Instead of marching, I joined my friends in setting up a game booth!

Ready to get shot!

They arrive the earliest among the other booths. Got everything done, setting up. I could tell they really work very hard for this. Actually I didn't play any role in setting the booth up, they planned the whole thing by themselves. I just tagged along and cham yit lau

The redeem area! Ress was talking to some one that time lol.

That morning, I arrive at 7am. Sem, Yong Shen, Xi Him and the others arrived already by then. Jason arrived later. Usually, Jason was all playful and stuff so I was all cheery and all, but he was so serious. Leadership (Y)

The booth was getting crowded. And surprisingly, we got a very good response from the crowd. The games attracted more guys, definitely.

Haha, but here's Xin Yi and Yan Ming! Yan Ming tried the shot gun.

They both claimed the first photo wasn't that nice so I retake. And Xi Him just had to interfere. Photobombed!

We were really busy! And within a few hours, Hisham informed us that we are earning profits already! The power of business. Didn't think that RM1 per game could earn money huh?

A photo of me and the guy in charge.

Hey your plan was a success! Known him for 5 years. All the best to you in the future, my good friend!

Sem, known him for 5 years as well. Too bad I didn't get a photo with him! Hmm, in fact, I never take a photo with him before! Joel who was kinda weird when I know him, he's more normal now lol.

Yong Shen and I took care of the darts booth, keep hitting the bulls-eye yo. And Dex, take good care! His lips was so pale that day... Sick. Ress and his sister, who was really helpful. Ress sister and I took turns take caring the counter.

Hisham, who lend me his phone and I also helped him with the batu booth, he even thanked me for helping out! Appreciate it. And Deeban who screamed so loud next to our booth. Da hell.

Rarely talk about them, so I thought yeah, now I talk about them la. Because yeah, it is my last year, and they are good guys, just sometimes a bit weird for me. Ok sorry. Yeah, but they're ok :) All the best to you guys in the future.


{Sincerely, Pris}

Jul 4, 2013

Extreme much

Hello, I play truant today lol. And it was because of....IKEA's member's day. Hahaha. I know right. We got invitations to be the first to shop at July's sale. We got a 2.5 hours head start. At first, I hesitate if I should go to school but I don't want to miss this super crazy idea to skip school for this either. So at last, with dad encouragement, I went...to IKEA. 

Didn't expect that did you? *smirk*

It's so rare to see IKEA so empty. Mom, Est and I are quite kiasu, we scare it's gonna be crowded so we woke up at 6.30am, but still laid in bed after the alarm rang. Haha. But turns out there weren't so many people at first, around 8am, the crowd started to form.  

Hey hey, don't go like, cheh fried bi hoon only. Not bad tasting. I ate two plates of it. Got me so full. Couldn't finish the sandwich.

Going through showrooms.

Mom wants a room like this.

My kind of room. Blue. Yeah. 

So I woke up early like any other day, just that, instead of going to school, I went to IKEA instead. I love IKEA so much because the food is yummy and it could build my dream room. IKEA is always one of our favourite places to go. We went home around 9.30am, it was quite of a rush. If we were to shop in IKEA throughly, it could take a day.

Ending this post with a very filial photo of Esther.

Good job sis!

{Goodnight, Pr.}

Jul 3, 2013

Bits & Pieces

          Good morning. This week I took note of little things and pin-ups around me. At times, we are too busy with our own activities til we neglect simple precious things around us. I took the initiative to capture some simple in things in life that I'm thankful of.

Taken this morning. Recently, she loves outdoor bathes. I remember Est & I used to have this large tub to fit the both of us, and bathe almost 5 times a day. I notice my little sister is growing up fast, she is almost three. Moments like this won't last long so I hope to spend more time with her, in every growing stage.

Taken on Monday, two days ago. Dad woke up earlier than usual because he thought my alarm always rang at the same hour every morning. But in fact, I set my alarm slightly earlier than usual that day. He asked if I wanted to eat fried rice for breakfast. Why not? Dad rarely woke up this early.

In my offense, best fried rice he ever cook.

{Cheers, Pr.}

Jul 1, 2013



The secret project that I've been working on with Jo is finally done! We are very happy with the results and I can't wait to show it to you guys. Actually, Jo and I have been secretly creating a new blog. Lol, I know. We both have our own personal blogs already. Long ago, Jo and I have a blog together too but it was long abandoned and forgotten lol.

Anyways, I can say it's more of an artsy sort of blog. My personal blog is more of my rants and random stuff that I like. You could see a different side of me and Jo in that blog. So without further ado, here is the link to our new blog!

The first post will be up at 5pm today, so at the mean time, click on our ABOUT and CONTACT!

{Cheers, Pr.}