Jun 5, 2013

Nature Day!

Hello guys! Today I get to involve myself in a Nature Day event. Teacher told us about this event days before our school holidays. The day started really slow but as it gains its pace, I am starting to like the day. 

As you can see, I have a purple ribbon on my hair! Hehe. We were given ribbons of different colous to resemble our group. So I was in the purple group. 

One of the highlights of the day will be the recycling competition. We went around the area to gather up recycle items. And there were artist to accompany us! Guess who I saw!!!

Daphne Iking! Omg, she is gorgeous! I didn't know the other artist who came. Only knew her. She is the tv host in Bella. Meeting her was such an honour. Get to shake her hands as well. And did I mention she was such a nice body shape? I want to look as slim as her T.T

There's this Milo truck as well! I ran towards it like kid who saw Milo...lol...duh. Had 4 cups of it. So good. After we line up the first time, we line up again. Then I go take my 3rd cup when my friends go see the exhibition. Heeeeee.

There was a face painting booth as well. We caught a glimpse of children with their face painted and I thought it was so cute. So Najmi and I decide to give it go! Yay.

Haha! The final look! Could you guess what I am? A cat! I purposely chose a cat because I could be Nelson's girlfriend wtf. Okay no lah, because I wanted to show to my baby sister. And she knows how a cat looks so I thought it'll be fun lah! ^o^

Najmi chose a design that he want too.

A cat and a lion! Hahah. His design is so much nicer right! Mine was kinda bland looking if compared. 

Going berserk hahah. Well, since I'm painted as cat might as well act like one. But you can see that the paint wears off a lot already! Because I am a heavy sweater -__- So by the time I went home, my lower half of my face paint wear off quite a lot already.

When mom came to pick me up, I got into the car so happily.. Because I'm excited to show my face paint to mom and Apple. Haha. And then Apple's first reaction was so funny. She look at me in astonishment. She thought I was a stranger to her. But when I start to talk and sing her favourite songs, she laughed. lol.

Mom react very funny as well. Her face was brighter than ever ans she kept saying that it was very cute. When I came back mom also took lots of photos of me. Even ask me to take one with Nelson lololol.

{Cheers, Pr.}

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