Jun 7, 2013

Four for Fun.

Haha big thanks for Jo for this photo. My #ootd!

Hello! I just came home from my outing with Voon Wei, Pei Ern and Chung Jie today. It was nice catching up with them today especially Chung Jie, since I wasn't in town for quite a while. Hehe actually no lah, the four of us went to mamak yesterday morning for breakfast as well. Anyways, so here is how my day go!

yummy yummy cakes!

Ern suggested Whisk Outpost for our tea time. The ambiance was nice and calm. Great place for us to chit-chat around.

Then we had a mini photoshoot. I bet most of you could guess where we went. It's so significant. Mine is on top already so don't have here heh.

Jo. Thank me for taking this ok! Haha.

Jo & Vw. My two very pretty friends :)

Voon Wei.

Chung jie & Vw.

Haha I lied. Here is another photo of me. Thanks Jo again <3

Then later we went for for dinner! On the way there...we snap some photos. Muahaha. A must, since now Voon Wei could drive. Whenever there's a red light, it doesn't only means STOP but STOP&SNAP A PIC. 

haha stupid. I thought only my hand was in the photo. and there goes my image.

See who's driving! Thanks Voon Wei for the smooth ride babeh <3

Dinner @ HOMETOWN. nyumnyumnyum.

Had chocolate fondue also! The ice-cream melt so fast and we went mad -__- Lol ok jking. But it really did melt very fast ok -__-

Okok bye bye! Wah I blog very fast leh. I want go watch tv now!

{Cheers, Pr.}

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