Jun 8, 2013


          Hello everyone who are reading this, good afternoon! Well as you can see on my title, I have an announcement to make. But before that, one photo for this post heh.

This was taken before my hair was cut. My friend states that my current hairstyle looks like my hairstyle when I was in form 1. Seriously?

See the date stamp. Taken in year 2009. 4 years ago. During form 1. Where got same? lol. PS: recognize the girl next to me? My good friend, Jo. She's god damn pretty now.

Well, puberty haven't done much to me. Probably just pimples, fatter,...that's all wtf. Puberty,  Y U NO increase my height? What change me was TIME. My hair grew, I possess a larger appetite wtf. I did notice my face turn more mature la, a bit. I still have the same face, not much change. Haha what to expect right? Duh of course same face lah. If not, 

this meh?

*sobs* So pretty T.T I have such low esteem really. Sigh. Lack of confidence, low self-esteem.

Anyways, here's my announcement, I have made my decision. It's for my own good I know.

I am going to stop blogging temporary.

See, got temporary kay? Because It's probably very hard for me to stop. I enjoy blogging. I could stop my social networks maybe. Dad and mom are concern of my studies. They want me to cut down on unnecessary things like facebook, twitter and blogging. There goes my social network life.

I am need to be very focus within this 5 months. After this 5 months, I am free return what I left. Yay. But I doubt I won't turn on any social networks within this 5 months. My hands are too itchy. Still, I am making my best efforts to try and be more discipline

I know what mom and dad say is right and for my best. So I am temporary out from social networking and blogging. I still have some scheduled post, so do visit www.prisong.blogspot.com on and off! ;) And my parents may sound strict but they aren't, they gives me a lot of freedom actually. Just recently, due to SPM around the corner, they took action in controlling some of my freedom. What they do is right because I won't discipline myself one -__-

Oh 9A's you could do so much you know? So I am catching after you.

Hey mom and dad only say I am banned from Facebook, Twitter and Blogger right? They didn't mention youtube.


{Cheers, Pr.}

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  1. If you practise good time management and well disciplined you can still carry on blogging but at a reduced rate. No doubt, concentrate more on your studies. I wish you all the best in your SPM. May you pass it with flying colours. Happy studying.


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