Jun 30, 2013


Good afternoon!

There's a big project coming soon and I can't wait to reveal it! I caught myself spending more time reading blogs recently because my friend have just intro some fabulous bloggers to me. I can't resist viewing their blogs omg. Through this discovery though, I've notice there are so many ways one could express themselves through pictures and words.

This morning, my family and I clean up the entire house! Man, it was dusty... The last time we did a big clean-up was a day before my birthday. Which was on January. We should do this more often, after all we'll be expecting a guest from abroad soon! And I heard they are very clean and hygienic. Not that my house isn't clean and hygienic, it's just that it's...messy... 

{Cheers, Pr.}

Jun 25, 2013


Good afternoon. The haze in my area is getting better, according to Air Pollution Index (API). We are allowed to go to school today but I chose to stay at home. I figure out that my immune system is really weak, I have a slight headache and sore throat due to this haze. Mehh -__- And another reason why I didn't go to school is because I don't have a mask. So there it goes.

Anyways, take care everyone!

{Cheers, Pr.}

Jun 16, 2013

A morning swim

Good morning!

The weather recently has been really hot. A swim in the pool is definitely a way to cool down the heat. Have a great Sunday! It's Father's Day today! Any plans? :)

{Cheers, Pr.}

Jun 15, 2013

My Comfort Look

Say Hello Nelson!

Good afternoon people! 

I am back in the blogsphere. I think this post contains the most self-capture photos of myself. Heh. During the holidays, I've made myself productive by decorating my wall, again. Refer my first photo! So you'll be seeing more of that wall in the future!

I just came back from lunch with mom and dad. Had my favourite spinach noodles. Sounds not-so-yummy but it's soooo delicious. I even order a big one. Got my stomach so full -__- 

Oh and this is my comfort look. It's super darn casual and very comfortable to wear. It's a little big, but that's how I like it, more air can flow lol. Have a great weekend! ;)

{Cheers, Pr.}

Jun 12, 2013

Sweet & Fruity

Found myself watching korean dramas again. Oh my. Currently watching my this drama, Love Rain. Starring Yoona and Jang Geun Seuk. I use to love Jang Geun Seuk, back when I love kpop. Can't get enough of love dramas! Yoona is so pretty! 

And opss, I blogged.

{Shh, Pr.}

Jun 8, 2013


          Hello everyone who are reading this, good afternoon! Well as you can see on my title, I have an announcement to make. But before that, one photo for this post heh.

This was taken before my hair was cut. My friend states that my current hairstyle looks like my hairstyle when I was in form 1. Seriously?

See the date stamp. Taken in year 2009. 4 years ago. During form 1. Where got same? lol. PS: recognize the girl next to me? My good friend, Jo. She's god damn pretty now.

Well, puberty haven't done much to me. Probably just pimples, fatter,...that's all wtf. Puberty,  Y U NO increase my height? What change me was TIME. My hair grew, I possess a larger appetite wtf. I did notice my face turn more mature la, a bit. I still have the same face, not much change. Haha what to expect right? Duh of course same face lah. If not, 

this meh?

*sobs* So pretty T.T I have such low esteem really. Sigh. Lack of confidence, low self-esteem.

Anyways, here's my announcement, I have made my decision. It's for my own good I know.

I am going to stop blogging temporary.

See, got temporary kay? Because It's probably very hard for me to stop. I enjoy blogging. I could stop my social networks maybe. Dad and mom are concern of my studies. They want me to cut down on unnecessary things like facebook, twitter and blogging. There goes my social network life.

I am need to be very focus within this 5 months. After this 5 months, I am free return what I left. Yay. But I doubt I won't turn on any social networks within this 5 months. My hands are too itchy. Still, I am making my best efforts to try and be more discipline

I know what mom and dad say is right and for my best. So I am temporary out from social networking and blogging. I still have some scheduled post, so do visit www.prisong.blogspot.com on and off! ;) And my parents may sound strict but they aren't, they gives me a lot of freedom actually. Just recently, due to SPM around the corner, they took action in controlling some of my freedom. What they do is right because I won't discipline myself one -__-

Oh 9A's you could do so much you know? So I am catching after you.

Hey mom and dad only say I am banned from Facebook, Twitter and Blogger right? They didn't mention youtube.


{Cheers, Pr.}

Jun 7, 2013

Four for Fun.

Haha big thanks for Jo for this photo. My #ootd!

Hello! I just came home from my outing with Voon Wei, Pei Ern and Chung Jie today. It was nice catching up with them today especially Chung Jie, since I wasn't in town for quite a while. Hehe actually no lah, the four of us went to mamak yesterday morning for breakfast as well. Anyways, so here is how my day go!

yummy yummy cakes!

Ern suggested Whisk Outpost for our tea time. The ambiance was nice and calm. Great place for us to chit-chat around.

Then we had a mini photoshoot. I bet most of you could guess where we went. It's so significant. Mine is on top already so don't have here heh.

Jo. Thank me for taking this ok! Haha.

Jo & Vw. My two very pretty friends :)

Voon Wei.

Chung jie & Vw.

Haha I lied. Here is another photo of me. Thanks Jo again <3

Then later we went for for dinner! On the way there...we snap some photos. Muahaha. A must, since now Voon Wei could drive. Whenever there's a red light, it doesn't only means STOP but STOP&SNAP A PIC. 

haha stupid. I thought only my hand was in the photo. and there goes my image.

See who's driving! Thanks Voon Wei for the smooth ride babeh <3

Dinner @ HOMETOWN. nyumnyumnyum.

Had chocolate fondue also! The ice-cream melt so fast and we went mad -__- Lol ok jking. But it really did melt very fast ok -__-

Okok bye bye! Wah I blog very fast leh. I want go watch tv now!

{Cheers, Pr.}

Jun 6, 2013


Happy Birthday Ryan Higa!
You're humourous, good-looking, you are famous, you make awesome videos. Have a blast on your birthday! Supporting you always! Teehee.

Sincerely a fan from Malaysia :)

Colourful elephants

Good evening. Random shots of Apple taken a day ago. There these many cute looking elephants on display. The grass states, "Keep foot of the grass" but Apple step on it anyways -__-

I've been stalking a few of my favourite blogs. And I love looking at vacation photos in hoping one day I could travel around the world as well. As I look through the post I am curious at something;

doesn't the photos people snap out of the states are always prettier?

I have no idea why. It seems much more clearer and cleaner and...looks more nicer la. I want receive that email so badly T.T


Jun 5, 2013

Nature Day!

Hello guys! Today I get to involve myself in a Nature Day event. Teacher told us about this event days before our school holidays. The day started really slow but as it gains its pace, I am starting to like the day. 

As you can see, I have a purple ribbon on my hair! Hehe. We were given ribbons of different colous to resemble our group. So I was in the purple group. 

One of the highlights of the day will be the recycling competition. We went around the area to gather up recycle items. And there were artist to accompany us! Guess who I saw!!!

Daphne Iking! Omg, she is gorgeous! I didn't know the other artist who came. Only knew her. She is the tv host in Bella. Meeting her was such an honour. Get to shake her hands as well. And did I mention she was such a nice body shape? I want to look as slim as her T.T

There's this Milo truck as well! I ran towards it like kid who saw Milo...lol...duh. Had 4 cups of it. So good. After we line up the first time, we line up again. Then I go take my 3rd cup when my friends go see the exhibition. Heeeeee.

There was a face painting booth as well. We caught a glimpse of children with their face painted and I thought it was so cute. So Najmi and I decide to give it go! Yay.

Haha! The final look! Could you guess what I am? A cat! I purposely chose a cat because I could be Nelson's girlfriend wtf. Okay no lah, because I wanted to show to my baby sister. And she knows how a cat looks so I thought it'll be fun lah! ^o^

Najmi chose a design that he want too.

A cat and a lion! Hahah. His design is so much nicer right! Mine was kinda bland looking if compared. 

Going berserk hahah. Well, since I'm painted as cat might as well act like one. But you can see that the paint wears off a lot already! Because I am a heavy sweater -__- So by the time I went home, my lower half of my face paint wear off quite a lot already.

When mom came to pick me up, I got into the car so happily.. Because I'm excited to show my face paint to mom and Apple. Haha. And then Apple's first reaction was so funny. She look at me in astonishment. She thought I was a stranger to her. But when I start to talk and sing her favourite songs, she laughed. lol.

Mom react very funny as well. Her face was brighter than ever ans she kept saying that it was very cute. When I came back mom also took lots of photos of me. Even ask me to take one with Nelson lololol.

{Cheers, Pr.}