May 16, 2013

When there's a day to slack...

Slack! :P

Hey people. Having a day off for teacher's day. This year, teacher's day is in between of my mid year exam. I am exhausted from studying (sort of). The time table is quite intense. You gotta cope up with two important subjects in a day. I find it hard to balance my time for both subjects in a day.

Yesterday was so relaxing. 24/7 sleeping, eating and...laundry-ing lol. It was so good to relax myself and not to study for a while. And it felt like I'm on holiday already.

About laundry-ing... lol. There's this new dobi in our area. And it's 24 hours open. Self service. It's call DobiDoo. Somehow sounds like Scooby-dooby doo. So they have promote a 10 days free trial for washing. Dad say since it's free why not check it out. So mom and I went. We brought all of our bed sheets, comforters, pillow case to wash. We wash a total of 3 times already. And just now we brought our curtains there lol.

It's my first time going to a dobi and I like this new concept. Out of states, it's nothing new but in Malaysia, we rarely see 24 hours self-service dobi. Plus it's considerably cheaper than normal dobi's. And more hygienic. Yesterday I was thinking to give a ring to Linghes about this because it's so cool and around our area.

Now almost every clothing, curtains, bed sheet, comforter smells so good...just like...

{Cheers, Pr.}

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