May 22, 2013


          Sun kiss skin, so hot! For the past few days, the weather has been crazy. It was very hot. I sweat almost 24 hours a day. Insane. But it was really the truth. That day i came home sweating like a gorilla (idk if gorilla's sweat). My glasses were covered with water vapour and chin was sweating! Madness.

Luckily though, on Monday it rained. I think it's human nature to complain bout the weather. When the weather is so hot, we want rain. When the weather is cold, we want the Sun. I think the weather guy must be very busy receiving complaints everyday. Bless you.

I have two good news to share today.


My mid term exam is finally over! Three gruesome weeks of examination. I'm gonna regain my sleeping time now. My sleep is deprived almost everyday, which I think cost me black circles underneath my eyes.

One thing about this exam; I think I've tried my best to improve but still it's a horror to find myself stuck at numerous questions during exam. I figure out things that I left out in my last exam but I'm still stuck in the midst of study in detail. I miss lots of stuff during my revision. Something I should keep an eye on.

Pardon me or being superstitious, but I think this time around luck wasn't on my side. Lol. When I recheck my past papers, I guess I've used up all my exam luck. In the past exams, whenever I don't know the answer to the question, I'll just give up and shoot any answers and I got it right. Seriously...

This time my feng shui not good lol. Things that I didn't pay attention on came out during exam where as the ones that I spend most of my time on didn't showed up. #badluckpris


I've lost 1kg!!! *jumps up and down* Omg I am so happy I tell you. Haha but this weight loss could be regained easily. Omg yesterday I ate a lot of hokkien mee -__- I attend yoga classes for quite some time now and I find myself loving it even more every time.

The past few papers wasn't my forte and made me all stress up so I decide to take a break and have some yoga. Yoga really helps me to loosen up and relax. That's why I'm keen to attend yoga classes everyday. And since exam is over, I could go more often now! ^_^

Yesterday yoga class was a little unusual. A guy behind me kept burping like every minute. He even farted in class -__- Which reminds me of mom. My sister told me she had it worst. She was in between of mom and another lady and both of them farted a lot also. PS: She was in the middle. Haha I pity her.

I want to fart in class next time *evil smile*

Hey PS: Today is mom's birthday! Est was planning to buy mom a cake since mom likes cakes a lot. We'll see how!

{Cheers, Pr.}

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