May 24, 2013


          From my last post, I think some of you know that my mom's birthday was two days ago. It was a lovely Wednesday. I just finish my exam that day and yay to celebration! :) We plan to go karaoke later but when we finished dinner, it was already late and Est still have exam the next day. 

Apple took my menu away.

Dim sum, steam rice and coconut jelly!

Mom with her dessert. She was already 3/4 full but she insist in having another bowl of dessert because the restaurant recommend it. Usually dad will stop her but since it's her birthday, dad say, "Eat lah. On your birthday lei dai sai". Which translates to, she hold the strongest power on her birthday. So she can eat anything she want lol.

We switch our table after eating a few dishes because our table was so hot and humid. We couldn't feel the air-cond at all. And caused us sweat wth. So we switch tables. And it was really funny because once we switch tables, we were making alot of noise. " cooling.." "ah...." "Just now there so hot oh"


Happy happy birthday mama!

We love you!

{Love, Pr.}

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